Terry Patten, Spiritual Activism and Heroism in Tipping

Listen To Terry Patten:


Terry Patten

Spiritual teacher Terry Patten was on fire during our tipping interview! He spoke passionately about the crises facing humanity and Planet Earth, offering beautiful hope through the power of the individual mind, individual heart, and the collective consciousness that is becoming more awake.

Terry has been an activist and spiritual teacher for most of his life, and I really enjoyed his use of the word of ‘Heroism’ in our talk. We all need to be heroes right now, stepping away from own fear, freeing ourselves from limiting shadow activity, and manifesting authentic action so that we can ‘tip this thing’ from the inside out.

I hope this talk fires you up as it did me, and I encourage you to spread it far and wide.  For more on Terry’s work, please visit Integral Spiritual Practice today.

Thanks and here’s to tipping becoming quite real…!