A Tipping Technology You Need to Start Using!

I am writing to share with you one of the most powerful personal improvement tools that I know about, and a technology I wholeheartedly believe can help the tipping point (worldwide) come about more rapidly.

I am referring to bi-naural beat audio technology, and specifically the Holosync program from Centerpointe Research.  If you have never heard of ‘bi-naural beats’ or Holosync technology than WOW do I have a wonderful treat for you 😉

If you have run across Holosync before, and either used the technology or not, I encourage you to hear me out.  You see, this program has been highly impactful in my own life and has helped me generate several personal tipping points along the way.

As I have shared before, I first had the idea to create this Tipping website many years ago while meditating in my little apartment on Bleecker Street in New York City.

While the craziness of the city swirled below me I used to sit up in my little cave listening to bi-naural beats and self-reflecting about what my true purpose on this planet might be.  I found many answers to the most pressing questions I was facing, and I know bi-naural beats played a significant role.

So how does this ‘technology’ work?  Its actually quite simple, and while the experience of listening to Holosync is no more than chilling to some relaxing music, the tracks are purposeful in guiding brainwave activity into more relaxed states. Over time, this technology entrains the brain to become calmer, focused, and more alert.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details of how the technology works (there is 50+ years of scientific research backing the benefits of these types of products), but I can tell you this technology has been life-transforming for me and I highly recommend you visit this page, read more, and give it a try!

To me, if every person on the planet took 20 minutes a day to drop into a place of coherence, things on a global scale would shift dramatically.  These technologies are here to help….

To Tipping and Spring,

P.S. I want to let you know that I do NOT garner affiliate commissions for any transactions this email generates.  I really believe in this, and it’s why I interviewed Bill Harris in the Tipping series.