Using Music to Accelerate the Tipping Point: Gary Malkin

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Gary Malkin

Music is truly the universal language.

In it’s purest form music holds the capacity to bind human beings together, and the timeless power of an authentic musical experience is transcendent by nature.  There wouldn’t be much of a tipping point discussion without a deep exploration into what is possible for planetary change through the vehicle of music!

One of the questions I found myself asking during the development of the tipping series was this:  Are there certain genres of music, or even new ones, which meet the demands of the tipping point phenomena?

This is why I am so thrilled and honored to have Gary Malkin on the Tipping Point. Gary is someone who has spent his entire life and professional career in the musical arts.  A gifted composer and musician (and someone who has actually been able to create a successful career in music), Gary’s personal journey provides some interesting clues regarding my inquiry.

Gary holds music as a vehicle which enables people to ‘drop into states’ they may not otherwise be able to enter during their busy, every day lives.  His initial foray outside the mainstream realm of musical production is an ageless work of art called Graceful Passages, a healing CD series aimed to help people cope with death.

Gary’s work is not ordinary.  He employs a unique format combining traditional music with spoken word.  It’s actually a bit hard to describe (and much better to experience) but I can tell you Graceful was so successful that Gary went on to create an organization called Wisdom of the World, which uses this format and helps people drop into ‘states’.

The uniqueness of these types of products might very well be an entirely new genre of music and listening experience…and as a user of these products I can tell you that if we got a critical mass of people listening (say, 10% as Ken Wilber might suggest) the tipping point would almost definitely come about a lot faster.

So please listen to this interview, share it, and definitely take a look at Wisdom of the World:

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