Nick Ortner: Create Thriving Businesses While Serving Humanity

Listen To Nick Ortner:


Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner is a fantastic example of a young man with unlimited potential who took the path of service in his professional career.

Well known for his documentary film The Tapping Solution and the annual World Tapping Summit his team produces, Nick is one of the leading voices for a particular type of healing modality called ‘Tapping’ which is part of a larger family of modalities called Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT’s).

What I love most about Nick is not only his passion to help people heal, but also his creative and entrepreneurial energy to generate sustainable business models for meaningful work (like his Tapping brand).

As many of you know I have been working and consulting with leaders and organizations in the personal growth/social change space for many years, and when I see a young guy like Nick come along and build a multi-million dollar a year business which solely focuses on helping people, I say we need to pay attention!

How many unbelievable authors, artists, speakers and healers do you know who have important messages to share with the world but remain stuck in isolation because they have no idea how to market themselves and build a sustainable business model around their work?

They number in the millions, and as you listen to my interview with Nick think of the wisdom he brings in this realm.  The bottom line:  We can ALL live a life of service and it’s also possible to thrive while doing so!

At the end of our chat, Nick even goes so far to imagine someone becoming the first billionaire in this space, and how incredibly meaningful that might be.

In so many ways, Nick represents the Tipping Point and I encourage you to send this message far and wide…as I hope it motivates you not only to live a life of service, but also create a solid business model that allows you and your colleagues to thrive!

Love, Todd