John Mackey: Founder of Whole Foods on Tipping Points

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John Mackey

I highly encourage you to listen to this Tipping interview, because John Mackey is someone who has LIVED tipping points.  Starting Whole Foods in his garage 32 years ago, John has been an active player in generating major paradigm shifts in how we view nutrition, food and the planet!

I am constantly asked why I choose people who are ‘famous’ or somewhat well-known to be in the tipping series.  First off, that is not entirely true.

Second, the reason why it is mainly true is that people like John Mackey have embodied this global awakening for a long time, and have a body of work to show for it.  And to me there is a ton of value when there is a body of work…because it gives us all something to learn from!

As for John’s interview, it was truly enlightening and an honor to interview him.  As many of you know John is a big believer in capitalism and business.  His ideas are fascinating because they seem to tease into the next wrung of development within capitalism, and he is quite well known for terming ‘Conscious Capitalism’ as the embodiment of this work.

Latest on Conscious Capitalism

He generously shared his latest beliefs regarding Conscious Capitalism, which entail 4 primary tenants:

1) Business has the potential to have a higher purpose beyond maximizing profits

2) Business should be managed on behalf on all the major stakeholders (who are all interdependent on one another)

3) Any type of leader has to have not only business intelligence but also emotional and spiritual intelligence…someone who is not only trying to maximize his/her own well being

4) Culture: you have to design the culture of the conscious business around purpose, the stakeholder principle and creating conscious leaders

John also made it crystal clear that he thinks business, in general terms, is inherently GOOD.  He defends capitalism with many statistics on how the world’s conditions, the the living conditions of the people living here, have improved because of capitalism’s forward push!

Yes, he recognizes that business needs to evolve.  I push him on this point as I ask him specifically about the oil and pharmaceutical industries…I mean, it is hard to see anything but the greed and the need for profit in these industries, and I ask him how he sees the ‘good in business’ within these sectors….and his answers are fascinating!!

In the end, I also ask John about his own personal growth and spiritual journey….which he recognizes as an integral part of the conscious capitalism mentality.

He even admits that it was his own personal growth breakthroughs that enabled Whole Foods to get out of some bad places…when he got unstuck, Whole Foods got unstuck.  “You can’t have a conscious business if you don’t have conscious people”.

In all, John is a terribly interesting guy who has had a MAJOR impact on the Planet.  Check out this interview and definitely share it along…..