Craig Hamilton Provides The Ultimate Tipping Perspective: Evolution!

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Craig Hamilton

In this enlightening Tipping interview, evolutionary teacher Craig Hamilton tells us that the biggest shift happening on the planet right now (which underlies all the other shifts we are experiencing) is that the universe is becoming “self reflective”.

Craig explains that this process of the universe becoming aware of itself is actually happening through us, through human beings…and it is this burgeoning reality that may be the fundamental nature of the ‘tipping point’ being framed out on this site!

What I love about Craig’s worldview, and the ‘evolutionary’ perspective in general, is that he is not scared to take the grandest possible stance on what the tipping point phenomena actually is.

Craig exemplifies this in our talk when he provides a wonderful visual of the present moment being time smack dab in the middle of 40,000 years of the past and 40,000 years of the future.

When you actually sense into what life was like 40,000 years ago for human beings, and you try to sense into what 40,000 years in the future might hold, it alters your perception of the present moment quite drastically.  When listening, try and feel into the visualization…you will see what I mean 🙂

The most critical piece to understand, according to Craig, is that what makes this moment in time so unique is that we have the ability to access the impulse driving the evolutionary process.  To Craig, accessing and connecting to this ‘evolutionary impulse’ is the key for not only our individual happiness but also potentially the transcendence of human beings!

The greatest thing about Craig is that as a teacher and speaker, he transmits pretty complicated stuff in a simple and easy to understand manner.  If you are interested in learning more about is work, please click here, and also share this talk with your friends who might be interested in learning more about evolution!

Love, Todd

*More of Craig’s incredible work can be seen at this Integral Enlightenment website.


*The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World –  media for a meaningful life.  Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.