Nassim Haramein: Deriving Energy From Empty Space Key To Tipping Point

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Nassim Haramein

Perhaps the biggest challenge science has faced over the last hundred years has been to decipher the nature of what is commonly referred to as a ‘unified theory’ for the way the universe operates.

As smart as we like to believe we are, human beings still cannot reconcile major differences between how we understand things to work at the very smallest levels (subatomic) and the largest levels (cosmic or astrological).

And because the things we observe in the night sky, like the stars and planets, must be made from the same general stuff the things we experience in our daily lives, like our bodies and water, this is a pretty big quandary to have while claiming to be so intelligent!

Even though there have been new developments over the last few years with the promise of adequately explaining how the whole thing works (like string theory and super string theory), there is still great debate among the Planet’s intellectuals.

A NEW Way Of Looking At It

Today’s Tipping interview, Nassim Haramein, has some unique insights into this great debate and has quite a different perspective from many of today’s mainstream scientists.

Although somewhat controversial (to some he is the next coming of Einstein while to others he is a quack with no bite to his bark), Nassim’s ideas are absolutely captivating and revealing in terms of the type of consciousness that may need to manifest if a global tipping point is going to take hold.

One of Nassim’s coolest assertions is the idea that science has been looking at the WRONG things for hundreds of years.  Traditionally, human beings have looked to the stars and planets, oceans and forests, bodies and organisms to try and figure out the laws of the universe (it makes sense to try and figure it out from things easy to observe).

Nassim looks at it the other way, and focuses on what comprises 99.99% of the known universe: empty space.

His life’s work has been spent decoding the nature of empty space and his most recent paper claims to prove that right here and right now human beings have the ability to extract endless amounts of energy from space itself.

This claim would revolutionize the way that we look at the universe, and would revolutionize the manner by which human beings operate as a species on this planet.

If Nassim is right, and his paper proves to be true, the changes that might occur from such a discovery could transcend the very nature of what it means to be a human being.  To say the least, it would be a huge step to generating a worldwide tipping point!

When listening to Nassim, put yourself in the space of ‘what if’.  I mean, what IF Nassim is right?  And we thought ‘the world is flat’ was a funny falsehood to believe in!

Much Love and HAPPY New Year to all of you wonderful Tippers!


You can view more of Nassim’s work at The Resonance Project!


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