2012, Crop Circles and Mystical Phenomenon: Daniel Pinchbeck

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Daniel Pinchbeck

When I decided to start this website and interview series, one of the first people I thought about interviewing was Daniel Pinchbeck.

I read his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl a few years back, and was blown away by his relentless quest to understand the mystical prophecies surrounding 2012, and his voyage around the globe to acquire a clearer lens as to what it all means.

As many of the tipping interviews touch upon, there is something special and unique happening on Planet Earth right now.  Much of the phenomenon is right in front of our face, and many people would argue that the myriad of social, political and economic systems being challenged, even questioned, at this time is part of some form of transcendent leap humanity is undergoing.

Bt what about the other stuff…the things that our thinking mind, our intellect, can’t quite grasp?  I am talking about mystical phenomenon: psychic powers, extraterrestrials, crop circles, spirit guides, ancient prophecies, angels, and all the potential marvels that the greatest science-minded, rational folks of our planet can’t explain (or simply dismiss)!

For a moment try and imagine what human awareness, human consciousness, might be like in the year 3012.  Is it so hard to conceive that in 1,000 years from now the phenomenon we currently hold as ‘mystical’ will be very real and integrated into our existence in ways we can’t possibly understand or foresee right now?

Use that same imagination and go back 1,000 years to the year 1012, and visualize what those people would think if they experienced life in 2012.  Do you think they would say there is some magic in the world?  What do you think these people would say about iphones, airplanes, and the Internet…would these things even be in the realm of comprehension about what is possible? No way.

So together, lets begin wrapping our heads and hearts around all the realities in the world, our lives, and this universe that we simply have not evolved to the point of comprehending yet!  Enjoy the Daniel Pinchbeck interview because some of the things we discuss (new concepts of time, crop circles, mystical phenomenon) are 1000% part of the tipping point we are amid.

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