Ken Wilber on Humanity’s SIXTH Known Shift

Listen To Ken:


Ken Wilber

This interview with Ken Wilber is a gift.

For those of you who do not know him, Ken has spent his entire career creating understandable models of human behavior, all with the mission to make greater sense of our human experience.

In the interview, we learn that this is NOT the first major transition humanity has experienced.  As in the Matrix movies, Ken claims we are amid the 6th known great transition!

(*FYI, if you buy the Matrix Trilogy 10th Anniversary DVD’s, they are narrated in part by, you guessed it, Ken Wilber)!

I pushed Ken here to look into the future and foresee what it looks like once we ‘Tip’ into the next phase.  His answers are fascinating.

What I love most about Ken Wilber and his Integral Theory work is that its based on SCIENCE, observation and data.  Ken’s theories, and the work of the entire Integral community, is not based on conjecture.

Please take a moment to check out Ken’s work by clicking here.

More About Ken Wilber

Ken is a world-renowned author who has written about mysticism, philosophy, ecology, and developmental psychology. His work formulates what he calls Integral Theory.  In 1998, he founded the Integral Institute, for teaching and applications of Integral theory.

Wilber is credited with popularizing, if not inventing, the field of Integral Thought, broadening the appeal of a “perennial philosophy” to a much wider audience. Cultural figures as varied as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Deepak Chopra, and musician Billy Corgan have mentioned his influence.


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