Derrick Ashong Leads Off Tipping Point Series

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Derrick Ashong

Derrick’s interview was an ideal one to lead off the Tipping series….and I think our dialogue together can generate some great discussions!

Perhaps the most interesting moment comes when I ask Derrick to make a distinction between the spiritual/consciousness crowd and the people who are more ‘activist’ oriented.  I asked this question because my sense is that these two groups ultimately strive towards the same goals, but are often at odds.

Derrick immediately chimes in: “I am going to go out on a limb and piss some people off”…and goes on to offer an interesting perspective on what he feels is the most important value we need to incorporate as we ‘tip’ this world into a new way of being.

Definitely listen to this interview and forward this webpage to your friends so they can listen in! These interviews are here to serve, and together we can tip this thing…!

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More About Derrick Ashong

Whether heard in the eloquent expression of his thoughts on then Senator Barack Obama (as seen in one of the most viewed videos of 2008 on YouTube), in his music (as leader of the emerging band Soulfège), in his lyrics (he won Billboard Magazine’s 2007 World Song Writing Competition), the Harvard educated talent has found myriad ways to inspire, engage and activate young people with positive messages for social change.

Described by as “a spirit of promise and hope and harmony” DNA is the television host of “The Stream” on Al Jazeera English.  “The Stream”, premiering in May 2011, is a program that integrates new and traditional media, tapping into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news.

You can learn more about Derrick by visiting his webpage here!


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