Barbara Marx Hubbard- Tipping Point is a Planetary Birth



Barbara Marx Hubbard

Buckminster Fuller once called Barbara Marx Hubbard “the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced” and the conversations on this website would not be complete without her voice!

One of the coolest things about Barbara is that her ‘life’s work’ did not start until she was 35 years old. Up until that point, Barbara was a housewife with 5 children.

I ask her about the awakening she had at this time (it was 1963), and I find her story SO inspiring and relevant to what millions of us from all over the planet are experiencing!

Now 82 years old, Barbara speaks with such lucidity about her own, personal journey and the current state of the world. This is a ‘must hear’ interview for those of you wanting to go through the looking glass and hear what one of the world’s great futurists says about where we are heading.

More About Barbara

Widely regarded as the philosophical heir to Buckminster Fuller, Barbara is a social innovator, speaker, author, educator and leader in the new worldview of conscious evolution. She is founder and president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

She is currently the producer and narrator of an award-winning, DVD series entitled “Humanity Ascending: A New Way through Together.” Through the Foundation for Conscious Evolution she developed the Gateway to Conscious Evolution, a global educational curriculum enrolling participants in the developmental path toward the next stage of human evolution.

In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket, calling for a “Peace Room” as sophisticated as our war room, to scan for, map, connect and communicate what is working in America and the world.


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