Nick Ortner, Mr. Tapping, speaks about Tipping


Nick Ortner has become pretty well-known in the personal growth space over the last few years…and for good reason.

He has helped popularize a technique called Tapping (which is a type of ‘EFT’ or emotional freedom technique) that helps people with pain, blockages, and all kinds of mental and physical issues.

I am excited to have Nick in this series because he describes a very effective solution all of us can incorporate right now. Like me, Nick sees the ‘critical mass’ part of the Tipping Point as a critical mass of people making the change themselves…and not necessarily becoming activists, quitting their jobs, moving to India, etc…

We ALL need healing…in fact, we need to heal ourselves first if we are going to be effective in healing the world around us 🙂

DEF check out the Tapping Solution!