Demian Lichtenstein ‘Discovers The Gift’ on Tipping

Listen To Demian Lichtenstein:


Demian is a fellow New Yorker who made it big in Hollywood.  He has directed and produced major motion pictures (like 3,000 Miles to Graceland) and achieved success in almost every way we in the Western world define it:  money, girls, fame, etc…

But something happened to Demian, and I am thrilled to have his story of deep transformation in the Tipping series.  Demian had an awakening, and chose a different direction in his life.  He spent the last 5 years putting everything into a beautiful piece of work called Discover The Gift and we will dig deep with Demian to understand what happened to him.

Much like Tom Shadyac and his movie ‘I Am’, Demian stepped out of the norm and is now part of the Tipping phenomenon….

Enjoy and spread the Love in ths interview far and wide!