Dozen’s of the world’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers share their insights on what we should be doing during this time of great planetary transition:

Eckhart Tolle

Barbara Marx Hubbard

John Mackey

Ken Wilber

Marianne Williamson

Daniel Pinchbeck

Jean Houston

Derrick Ashong

Neale Donald Walsch

David Avocado Wolfe

Nassim Haramein

Elizabeth Lindsey

Tami Simon

David Martin

Nick Ortner

Claire Zammit

Gary Malkin

Craig Hamilton

Bill Harris

Terry Patten

Lisa Clapier

Amir Ahmad Nasr

Foster Gamble

Kimberly Carter Gamble

Demian Lichtenstein

Janine Benyus

Dear Friends,

Are you like millions of people from all over the world who are feeling an accelerated tension on the Planet? Have you been watching with curiosity and amazement the viral spread of movements like the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street?

If you are anything like me, your inquisitiveness about what is happening is at an all-time peak, and the purpose of this website is simple:

To ask the most interesting and timely questions to some of the most fascinating people on the Planet!

A world-class assembly of speakers will talk about critical mass, tipping points, and provide greater lenses of understanding regarding what we are experiencing across human culture.

This free, online audio series includes anthropologists, scientists, business people, spiritual teachers, financial people, famous people, not-famous people, and anyone who can help make sense of this unique period of time we are living.

A few of the questions being posed:

  • What is happening on the Planet right now, and is this really a unique time to be alive?
  • Are there common threads embedded within the great awakening millions of us feel?
  • What about all the breakdowns, and can humanity come through this dangerous time in new relation to each other and the world we live?
  • Is there a Worldwide Tipping Point on our horizon?

But there is another inquiry embedded within the Tipping series, and a more personal one:

What if attaining greater clarity around these grand questions can help YOU make sense of the areas in your own life that are in chaos?

I think we are coming to a point in time where we truly understand that the problems in the world are not just somewhere ‘out there’ but very connected to our personal experiences.

At the end of each interview this question is posed:

  • What can people who are listening DO, right now, in their lives, to make a real difference?

This is the real juice, isn’t it? No matter where you are on your journey we can all agree there really is something remarkable happening on the Planet AND each one of us has a role that is both unique and part of the greater plan.

Sign your name and email to access all the interviews for FREE. You can also check the full Tipping Point interview schedule and mark your calendars now!

Thanks and Enjoy,


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