The Role of the Feminine: Claire Zammit

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Claire Zammit

The Dalai Lama famously said the world is going to be saved by the western woman.

My guest today on the tipping point is a western woman, and someone who is certainly doing her part to make positive change on the Planet.

Claire Zammit is a teacher, author and entrepreneur who focuses almost all of her time and boundless energy working with women helping to unleash much needed feminine power into our world.

I was so happy when Claire agreed to this interview, as I personally feel a huge part to the tipping point coming to fruition has to do with balancing the masculine and feminine energies that charge our reality.

Claire is a perfect person to be speaking with about this, as she runs a well-known online course called Feminine Power (with teaching partner Katherine Woodward Thomas) that has healed, inspired and uplifted tens of thousands of women from all across the planet!

As you listen to our interview, you will hear the wisdom coming from Claire is not solely useful for women.  She speaks of the need for a critical mass of people to take on the work of ‘inner development’ and beautifully explains why understanding the myriad frames of reference that exist across human culture are so critical when talking about something like manifesting a Worldwide Tipping Point!

I know there has been a calling for more female voices in this interview series, and I hope you see that Claire’s counts for about 10.  Please listen and share with your friends…

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  • david

    Deeper Agenda of life? A world that’s functioning at a higher order? Higher inter-connectivity?

    Pay attention people, this lady is an agent of the New World Order, she’s one of these new agers brainwashing people into these concepts of oneness and shit. The whole idea of a tipping point has been foisted upon us by the new agers that are riding the wave of the New World Order. These people are satanists, selling you one thing for another, disguising it in very subtle ways, but before you’ll actually get there, you’ll never know what the hell you bought into.

    The fact that Barbara Marx Hubbard endorses this lady is enough said…I’ve posted quotes from Hubbard before on this website.

    And I’m beginning to think that despite Todd’s best intentions, he’s got a lack of discernment on who’s awesome and who’s a crook. Cause there are a few people in the lineup that are great, and others are just scum of the worst kind.

    Sorry for being so blunt about this people. I know that many will say that I’m an asshole for putting out my ideas in such a way, but I’ll tell you that if you know me up close I’m a really daring and loving person, it’s just that I choose to get a bit pissed when I hear such horseshit interviews like this one. Sorry Todd, nothing against your effort here, this is not about you, but about this Claire Dammit, ehm I meant to say Zammit.

    So there you are people, wondering what’s going on…don’t worry about the world, worry about your own development. Don’t buy into the new age brainwash. One person (and his product) I can endorse emerging from these Interviews is Bill Harris (and Holosync), the rest is for the most part (not all) new age hogwash.

    Peace to you all, David

  • Willow5

    I tried to listen to this today but shortly after Claire started talking all I got was static.

  • david

    I suggest you spare yourself the trouble of listening to this, it’s a waste of your time.

  • Vicki K

    It only lasts for a little while. Move ahead a minute or so.