Nassim Haramein: Deriving Energy From Empty Space Key To Tipping Point

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Nassim Haramein

Perhaps the biggest challenge science has faced over the last hundred years has been to decipher the nature of what is commonly referred to as a ‘unified theory’ for the way the universe operates.

As smart as we like to believe we are, human beings still cannot reconcile major differences between how we understand things to work at the very smallest levels (subatomic) and the largest levels (cosmic or astrological).

And because the things we observe in the night sky, like the stars and planets, must be made from the same general stuff the things we experience in our daily lives, like our bodies and water, this is a pretty big quandary to have while claiming to be so intelligent!

Even though there have been new developments over the last few years with the promise of adequately explaining how the whole thing works (like string theory and super string theory), there is still great debate among the Planet’s intellectuals.

A NEW Way Of Looking At It

Today’s Tipping interview, Nassim Haramein, has some unique insights into this great debate and has quite a different perspective from many of today’s mainstream scientists.

Although somewhat controversial (to some he is the next coming of Einstein while to others he is a quack with no bite to his bark), Nassim’s ideas are absolutely captivating and revealing in terms of the type of consciousness that may need to manifest if a global tipping point is going to take hold.

One of Nassim’s coolest assertions is the idea that science has been looking at the WRONG things for hundreds of years.  Traditionally, human beings have looked to the stars and planets, oceans and forests, bodies and organisms to try and figure out the laws of the universe (it makes sense to try and figure it out from things easy to observe).

Nassim looks at it the other way, and focuses on what comprises 99.99% of the known universe: empty space.

His life’s work has been spent decoding the nature of empty space and his most recent paper claims to prove that right here and right now human beings have the ability to extract endless amounts of energy from space itself.

This claim would revolutionize the way that we look at the universe, and would revolutionize the manner by which human beings operate as a species on this planet.

If Nassim is right, and his paper proves to be true, the changes that might occur from such a discovery could transcend the very nature of what it means to be a human being.  To say the least, it would be a huge step to generating a worldwide tipping point!

When listening to Nassim, put yourself in the space of ‘what if’.  I mean, what IF Nassim is right?  And we thought ‘the world is flat’ was a funny falsehood to believe in!

Much Love and HAPPY New Year to all of you wonderful Tippers!


You can view more of Nassim’s work at The Resonance Project!


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  • Bret

    Hey.. I am going to Nassim’s workshop in Maui in two weeks, I was wondering if I could submit some photos and/or video interviews with people who attend the workshop to your site for people who are especially interested in learning more. I am currently in Asheville, NC researching two young guys involved in similar research. They are not as ‘well-known’ as Nassim but could be equally as valuable in what they are about to produce. Anyway, please consider accepting some submissions from me after the workshop. Thanks.

  • Todd Goldfarb

    Sure no problem Bret…let me know!

  • david

    Hey Todd, great to have you back buddy…can’t access the Nassirim Interview though, seems like the recording is missing the link…I’m going out now…I’ll check back later, in the hopes of being able to access it…Ciao, David :-)

  • Bret

    Sweet.. Thanks Todd!

  • Todd Goldfarb

    No its there now….hit refresh!

  • Margaret Johnston

    A suggestion: busy people may be interested in this but without a clue as to how long the replay is, we have a difficult time choosing a convenient time to listen. A simple statement: “click here to hear the 45 minute (or whatever length it is) replay” would help immensely.


  • david

    cool, I’ll download it :-)

  • Louise Rouse PlanetaryCoach

    I have conversations with my son who crossed over four years ago. One thing he has said repeatedly is pay attention to the space in between. He says this is were we are actually connecting. So I found this to Nassirim intereview matched alot of what he has told me. He give me this quote which I use in my writngs, and my on my website “The invisible is more powerful than the visible” I am use to old world thinking so I say he and me like we are seperate but in our new reationship I have learned that we are not seperate at all. I found the true meaning of we are one, and our energy supply.

  • Louise Rouse

    Well, now that I am reading my post I would love to delete…. Please excuse my mis use of words and language, I was up way to late, and my mind would have been better off going to bed.

  • ACIM

    I think your original post was beautiful, and correct. Don’t second-guess yourself…. trust your intuition and the truth of your initial, heart-felt statement. Many blessings to you!

  • Carol Nicholson

    I agree with Margaret; would be great to know ahead of time so we don’t have to quit in the middle!

  • Sal.

    There seems to be a connection here with Nassim’s work on energy and the free energy that was discussed in the Thrive video. It is fascinating to think that we could extract energy from ‘the space’. Although it has been known for sometime that atoms consist of 99.99% space, it is mind bobbling to know that we can reduce the so called solid matter to randomly moving subatomic particles in this space!

    Thank God that I remembered some of the physics that I did in high school and college a longtime back, otherwise I would not have been able to grasp the essence of this discussion.

    Louise, your reply made a significant connection between spirituality and science. Thank you for being brave to share this with this world community. I would like to check out your website.

    Nassim, thankyou! Please continue to update us on your advancement. Your research seems to be critical for us humans to keep the Earth flourishing and hopefully we can work towards it’s purification.

    Todd, it’s good to hear from you again. Keeping the world freely informed helps to propel the momentum in the evolution process.

    Blessings to all of you!

  • Dennis Hohman

    Interesting how science and spiritual practice converge. Nassim’s interview shows that these two paths are not mutually exlusive. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form is now as true for physicists as it has been for Buddhist meditators.

  • Dattatray Roy

    Very interesting.

  • Maria

    Hello, I teach a workshop of arts of peace & universal principles in Mexico City. The creator trinity energy bless all as one inside this unified field. It makes me feel a great pleasure have listened this interview to be able to show to my teen’s students. Sometimes is so abstract all I want to explain. Thats why hearing Nassim is a huge support. Thaks Todd looking forward to hearing from you soon. Maria

  • Parzival
  • LD

    Listening to this, I thought of Rupert Sheldrake’s decades-long work on the subject of morphic fields, with which I’m sure Haramein is well-acquainted. I remember Sheldrake speaking of how the death of a snowflake releases energy and that that energy is just waiting for the right set of circumstances in order for something else–another snowflake?–to materially manifest in that field. I always liked this example, using the snowflake, but I myself contemplated the dead and fallen blooms of irises, and watched the field where the flower had been, and occasionally caught a glimpse of another (subtle energy) bloom long before the actual physical flower appeared.

    I also thought of wisdom from Eastern spiritual traditions, that teach every physical form is born from the subtle levels of energy–that the subtle level actually creates the physical. Before eyes were eyes, there was seeing. Chi, prana as Haramein referred to, are subtle energy.

    Mostly I thought of the ancient knowledge of shamans, who throughout the world have described a tunnel through which they journey into other “worlds.” This tunnel is described quite similarly in most cultures, as a vortex of energy, sometimes composed of concentric circles. Even people who have had spontaneous out-of-body experiences sometimes describe themselves as being “sucked” into a vacuum-like tunnel. Many people suppose, quite erroneously, that these experiences of a tunnel/vortex/vacuum are merely inner experiences, i.e., that these energy vortices can not be observed in the external world. Perhaps science will prove them wrong.

    And perhaps more and more scientists will come to be inspired by the spiritual knowledge and wisdom already existing in this world. Thank you, Nassim. LD

  • Anonymous

    Nothing new here. Field theory imagines empty space to be filled with ‘fields’. This is what Maxwell & Einstein were talking about. Unfortunately they made the classic platonic error of confusing a mathematical representation with reality : identifying the sign with the signified.
    Sorry, folks this is all just gobbledy-gook.

  • redcat1

    If you are willing to suspend disbelief for a bit, consider watching Nassim’s video on YouTube where he mathematically demonstrates his proof. Mathematics is only a tool, and as for all tools, it is only as good as the skills of the person using it. He is a brilliant scientist who may just be on to something that this world is in serious need of. I too, have been disappointed so many times by the promise of something exciting that failed to come to fruition, but I refuse to believe that we know or understand all that there is to know about the Universe. I, for one, shall eagerly await more from this man.

  • Sal.

    redcat 1, i am extremely humbled and grateful for you sharing this U tube link with us. I just watched most of it and felt truly, very, very humbled that the Divine Infinite gave me this priceless piece of information.

    Nassim’s U tube presentation is 1000 times easier to follow than his interview with Todd. He has a brillant sense of humor as well. You get a good sense of what he had to endure as a young child seeing the world differently and the strength he had to sustain so as not to give up in exploring the questions he had about truth.

    I have not come across anyone else who has done what Nassim did in connecting spirituality with science. He has got to have a great personal connection with the the Diviness. He statement that space is actual denseness is pure enlightenment. For those who think that this is BS (pardon my french), just watch the U tube (warning, it is very long!)

    In terms of his ego, I wonder if he has one? Yeah, we all have egos but some are larger than others!

    He speaks about contraction and expansion and the yin and yan (not sure if those are his exact words). I can’t wait for Todd to interview someone he has on his list that explains this in terms of the foods we eat. Me thinks that even what we eat has the ability to expand and contract our conciousness.

    God bless you all and with loving kindness to all of you. (How I love that expression, ‘you all’). Sally.

  • Myriamhaar

    No reason to Louise, thank you for sharing your original post, I am positive that others like me do relate to your experience. I too feel that way, the invisible being the connection, the we instead of I.
    You should definitely stay up late more often :-)

  • Myriam Haar

    Wow I just watched the Utube video and it blew me away. What a great (and funny) guy this Nassim is, his findings are absolutely fascinating; if accepted it will revolutionize not only the way we live and the way we see the universe but most certainly the way we understand energy and how we use it in the future. I am enclined to believe that he must have done something right in his studies and research as he is able to connect his discoveries to the symbols left on earth by the ancient civilizations.
    I definitely enjoyed the video, looking forward to hear this interview.
    One thing I will remember after this video: I must definitely start talking more often to my vacuum and pay attention to the information I “send” out there that form an infinite part of my experience :-)

  • Thebullshere

    Hello Redcat1,
    thanks for posting the youtube video – I just watched it – Nassim is great – the audio does not do him justice….he is brilliant, hysterical and beyond a genius…..I will definately be following his work..
    no wonder mainstream physic professionals avoid him…he points out their lack of understanding and their desire to avoid looking at something new….