David ‘Avocado Wolfe’: Chinese Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Goji Berries and Tipping Our Well-Being

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David Wolfe

I’ll be honest, David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe has been sort of a hero of mine for the past 10 years since I first discovered his work.  It’s not just the actual content he creates but the manner in which he lives his life.  You see, David is an explorer, someone who is out in the world experimenting with various forms of health, well-being, and consciousness that helps us attain a greater lens of understanding about how the rest of the world holds this unique time to be living!

And his message is critical to generating a tipping point as human beings have gotten so off track in the areas of health and well being….how we grow and consume food and how we heal our bodies when we are sick.  Listening to David’s message is crucial right now, and he brings up a quote by Socrates which I believe sums up our dialogue quite well:  “All wisdom is remembering”.

David and I talk for quite a while about Chinese medicine and how the Chinese are by FAR the most advanced in the world when it comes to holistic and herbal medicine.  David talks to us about something the Chinese are doing called ‘Fingerprint Identical Transfer’ technology, a process by which we open up and extract unbelievable heaps of healing energy from plants and herbs that are not even part of the conversation in the western world.

David speaks to us about various forms of healing, and our collective need to get back to the source wisdom that is right in front of our faces.  He touts the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, drinking spring water, broccoli, marine phytoplankton, super foods (like chocolate), and more.  He has a real passion for the benefits of Chinese Goji berries and I ask him about this particular berry and why its so important…and he explains in detail why Goji is the center of the Chinese wheel of health and well being.

Guys, if we are going to generate a true Worldwide Tipping Point than we need to start remembering how to treat our bodies and health…and begin accessing the wisdom all around us. I hope you enjoy this interview because I did :)

More About David

This interview had a LOT of information, as David has a lot to share.  He says the best site to garner all his info is The Best Day Ever and I highly recommend you checking out the site.  Almost all of his talks, recipes and content is shared on this site…..


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  • Norma

    Loved this guy. Mirrows the excitement I feel. Thanks!

  • Sal

    Beautiful, extraordinary job Todd! You extracted enormous wisdom and knowledge from David. Thank you for making this info. of invaluable wealth free! Truly free.

    Just briefly, I drink a mushroom/green tea everyday and it’s amazing how good I feel physically and mentally upon consumption.

    David touched on one subject that surprised me and that was astrology. It just shows how everything is connected in the universe and every tiny piece has a function in the collective oneness.

    Another fascinating part of the interview was listening to David talk about his interaction with indigenous people from other parts of the world. It felt good to hear perspectives from non-Westerners.

    This interview was food for the soul. Here is something remarkable that has happened. After a long day at work, I came home enormously tired, especially mentally drained. After listening to this interview, my body and mind have done a 180 degrees turn around. I am so much recharged. It’s just so astonishing.

    God Bless!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucas.fehr Lucas Fehr

    Woah! I’m loving these talks – especially the synergy between the last two. Nature is the tree of life. Allow me to share what our juicy sweet future looks like to me: http://www.lucworks.com/images/ville-verte.jpg