Neale Donald Walsch and The Great Disruption!

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Neale Donald Walsch

Many of you know Neale Donald Walsch as a spiritual luminary/author who has spent most of his literary career ‘conversing with God’. His latest book is a little different others in his ultra popular series, and is aptly titled The Storm Before The Calm. In this book Neale takes a sobering and realistic view of the current human situation and names the global crisis so many of us feel as the ‘great disruption’.

Needless to say, it is an honor to have interviewed Neale…anyone that has sold more than 8 Million books has had a real impact on the collective consciousness and it was a thrill to garner his wisdom on the current challenges we face.

Interestingly, the first part of our dialogue was very direct. He spoke clearly about how world governments are going to try and control the Internet, create laws around the spread of free ideas, and even ‘turn off’ the world wide web if it becomes too problematic. NDW was speaking very Thrive-like!

I found his words particularly enlightening given the current SOPA and NDAA laws the US government are desperately trying to enact.

Neale then went on to frame out the spiritual dilemma we face by posing a powerful question: how is it that a species of 6.9 billion evolved individuals (or so we claim) have failed to manifest a world where peace, love, unity, security, prosperity are the norm…when a seemingly VAST majority of people want these things?? Its a powerful question of you think about it, and made me ponder, ‘yea, what is it that’s holding us back’?

I’m not going to give his answers away, because the way he expressed himself in answering his own question was a real gift (and I highly encourage you to listen to the interview) but essentially he told me that we have been wanting to wrong things…and that human beings have been collectively asking the WRONG question.

When I asked him what the right question was, I thought I might get some vague, spiritual answer….but I did not. He was very direct.

Anyway, ENJOY Neale Donald Walsh on Worldwide Tipping Point…and DEF read his latest book: The Storm Before The Calm


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  • david

    If you want to know more about “the system” and where it’s headed, listen to Bill Cooper’s extended series (Behold a pale horse), going deep, past all the bullshit.

  • mary

    Hmmm I agree we need to know thine true being and i think ALL humanity wants to know and been seeking it but how can we when we have so many people hiding the trueth from us and have been lieing to all humanity from knowing our history and the knowledge & wisdom they know. You sound like your wanting to disregard the word of God may it be the Bible and tell us we are NOW to not believe and change our beliefs and not obey Gods Laws and Commandments which he has layed out the way of life he intended for us and we ALL are FREE & have our own FREE WILL. Its those handful of humans that want to inslave us and control us and denie us our true being.