The THRIVE Movie: An Exclusive Interview With Foster Gamble

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Foster Gamble

After spending 8 years and millions of dollars to create the documentary THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? I am honored to have Foster Gamble here on Worldwide Tipping Point in what I believe is his first public interview since the film’s release!

So what is this THRIVE film all about? I have pasted the official movie description below, but it will become quickly evident in this interview with Foster what THRIVE is hear to say.

And yes, Foster Gamble is one of those Gamble’s, a direct descendent of the Proctor & Gamble company. I ask him some pretty pointed questions regarding his unbiased ability to shine a light on the unsustainable nature of our financial systems while obviously coming from a ‘financially elite’ legacy family described in the film…and his response is fascinating!

But THRIVE is not only a valiant attempt to describe how organized (and motivated) the super wealthy on this planet might really be.

All sorts of topics are weaved into the film including tangible evidence of extraterrestrial life, the meaning of crop circles, and the possibility of unlimited sources of clean, non-combustible energy being accessible right now…a truth that would completely revolutionize the way human beings live on Planet Earth!

I ask Foster about his decision to include all these seemingly unrelated topics, and how this all relates to a world where we can all thrive. Again, his answers are fascinating.

A Focus on Solutions

One thing I noticed while scheduling this interview was that Foster and his wife Kimberly (the film’s co-creator) are most excited about the solutions they have uncovered which are housed on THRIVE’s comprehensive website.

To them, this movie is not only about creating awareness of the problems but more importantly providing real, tangible solutions and actions each one of us can take starting right now!

In the end I find THRIVE to be a timely and relevant film, and a critically important artifact for our times. While I don’t expect all of you to agree with everything in the movie (as I am sure it will be controversial), I believe it’s a film worth checking out with an open mind, always asking yourself ‘what if…just what if’!

So listen to the interview, watch the movie, and share these items with your friends. In the end, it is up to ALL of us to decide how we can reach the Tipping Point and thrive together in our world, and this film certainly provides some intriguing things to think about.

More About THRIVE

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

Visit the THRIVE Movement website to watch and share today!


*The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World – media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.

  • Mark Goodkin

    I liked this audio interview with Gary Malkin. He seems to embrace the idea of wholeness with the idea of individualism and freedom. My question is whether he embraces the concept of individual rights as originating from a source beyond government? That is, government is not the source of our individual rights. I find that many within the global shift movement believe that society or the group needs to have rights. If that’s the case, then what is the ramifications for individual rights and freedom? In fact, can society really have rights? And if so, where would such rights originate? I think this is an important question to discuss and will be brought to the forefront in the future. Thus far, I’ve only heard vague comments on the subject.

  • Ilene Robinson

    Let’s help ourself HELP ALL!!

  • yoga deb

    You wrote “THRIVE is hear to say.” At least get the grammar right.

  • VickieB

    The grammar is correct. You need to read the sentence again. Is it such a big deal if it isn’t correct? We all should be focused on building each other up and helping one another to be our very best. Life is too short to be focused on the negative.

  • marykay

    I enjoyed this interview with Foster Gamble. I am looking forward to viewing the THRIVE documentary. Thank you Todd and Foster for bringing this information to the public. There is no doubt that people everywhere need to discuss these topics and look at what is going on, organize and then take positive steps to make the world a better place.

  • Dragon_debanne

    Very exciting! I can hardly wait to explore THRIVE further. It is evolutionary. Bless you for bringing this forward. I will be sharing it with others and hope to get dialogue underway on this soon.

  • Grannymaui

    I just read the interview and ordered my copy of Thrive. Sounds most exciting and a breakthrough that brings present time reality to an understanding of the mess the world is in. There is another way we can change the tipping point and that is thru really HEARING the The Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought,
    (links below)

    I read the comment of Mark Goodman regarding individual rights and freedom, a very valid question. Thats where true freedom comes into play. We have the choice with our mind and thoughts to choose between positive and negative feelings within ourselves. Whatever we choose with our free will, will be given us. That is the freedom. If we choose negative thoughts thats our free choice. If we choose positive thoughts that is our free choice. What I hear Foster Gamble say if we want to save humanity from destruction, again, we will use our free will to choose a loving way. This sounds like Christianity, and it is, but I offer these websites and
    as another way that can be interpreted in a Psychological manner through the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

  • Gerald

    don’t know about you, but I recon that when the rights of the individual overtake the rights of the tribe civilization is in big trouble. the reason being individual rights does not cause “civilness” within any society. We are all in this thing called THE HUMAN RACE together. That is what we all signed up for so let us see that by helping others we are helping ourselves.

  • Lesley

    The more we as individuals gain bigger and wider and deeper perceptives, the more we trust in our own since of loving kindness of gratitude, then the more we trust in our own rightness. As I trust and love myself I trust and love all.

  • Mark Goodkin

    I believe all civility will have to come from the individuals. When people become selfish and self-serving, then society suffers. However, as people start to awaken to their true self, through personal healing, their self behavior will turn to self-enlightened interest. They will naturally want to give of their gifts and talents to humanity. Unconscious Individualism will shift to Conscious Individualism as people become awakened. I think the foundation for any true shift should come from the individual’s free will and not be mandated by society. When we start granting rights to society, there will be potential for great abuse. Although some leaders may have good intentions, they may, through ignorance, enact ill-conceived ideas in the name of the public good.

  • Peter McManus

    Absolutely a brilliant film!

  • Peacefulqt

    I have been posting the viewing for weeks, I was a little afraid that it wasn’t going to be all that I thought it would be, but after I started watching, I was amazed and excited that Foster and Kim were able to pull it all together and make it Convincing and very emotional with all the guessed, because they are people that have not been corrupted by Money but have been out for years fighting the good fight and telling their story with action..

    I have been exploring most of the subjects touched on in the film for about 3 years now, almost obsessed about it, so my mind has been completely open. It was so freeing to my family and I to know we aren’t the only ones to knowingly believe in these subjects. While Food Inc, Flow, Corporations, Dept, Collapse, The age of stupid, Max Gerson, The master of light, hit on some of the problems, this film rounds them all together and fills in the missing pieces to brings awareness to people in one film.

    It has always made me extremely angry to know what JP Morgan did to Tesla, The man was the greatest inventor of the 20th century with little credit given to him and his mind, compassion for humanity. He could have changed the world for the better.( JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, don’t even deserve the angry energy I have for them)
    Then to know that all of the inventors that tried to follow in his foot steps to give the world free energy were killed or had their inventions stollen by governments. I have no words for that.

    Great film I’ll play it forward many times.

  • david

    Great interview Todd.

  • david

    Organic food anyone? No, I don’t think so, it’s GMO that’s on the menu!

  • Dacutler

    love it

  • Tricia

    Such a great interview and the movie is amazing! Thank you so much

  • Sal.

    I watched Thrive a few days ago and at first I didn’t know how to respond because it encompasses so many parameters of how we live on Earth. Perhaps the biggest parameter that governs our living is FEAR. It is ingrained into us from the time we are a few months old, as a way of be disciplined. The FEAR is reinforced subtly in schools. Sadly, creativity is stifled so much as a result of a mind dominated by fear. Fear stops us from naturally expressing of loving nature.

    My second comment is about our monetary system and the very sad state our country (U.S.) is in as a result of being so much in debt. I have known for a long time that big corporations run our government but had very little idea of the complete ruthlessness of the small group of Banking Elitists who has the majority of the World’s power.

    Dear God, how can we allow this to continue?

  • judy

    i have watched the thrive movie twice now and plan on buying a copy of the dvd to pass around. it is shocking to find out that so few are ruling so many. the movie didn’t touch on the invasive mind warping influence of television. think about it. at every turn the television is negative, negative, negative. even more upsetting are these new ‘reality’ shows that pit humans against each other and make entertainment out of misery. how sick is our society that we pay to watch people cry!!!! i lived on a sailboat for ten years in the caribbean where i was free from all influence and on my return to the u.s. i was shocked at the amount of suvs on the roads and the astonishing number of developments being built for second and third homes. i asked a banker “where is all the money coming from? ” and her reply was “it isn’t real”. i do bank with a small town bank, but they sold my mortgage to BOA and now i am stuck. i live in wyoming and i am sad to say that the chair person of the republican party in my county just successfully banned Zimm’s “A People’s History of the United States” from the school system. i am working hard to change my own thought processes through meditation and a positive anything is possible attitude. i think the powers that be keep us complacent through drugs, television, bad foods, and comfort. as long as we have a bag of doritos, hateful television to yell at and a recliner, we are happy. aren’t we?

  • Sal.

    Thanks for your valuable comments Judy. Like you I think that television shows are very sick and I am very saddened that our children watch sick movies and how we as adults think that there is not anything wrong with these movies.
    I live in suburbia midwest and the superficiality of this lifestyle is hard for me to accept. The Gambles did an exceptional job with explaining how ‘unreal’ the money is. How could it be real when we are in so much debt?

  • Marcus Abundis

    The link given above seems to be closed – what’s up?

  • dogfang

    Now we’re getting somewhere.
    Foster Gamble sounds like an outstanding person to interview. I am anxious to view ‘Thrive’.

  • dogfang

    only individuals have rights…there are no ‘group rights’.


    hmmm, wonder why,…and how?

  • Pamela

    Welcome to our new existence as part of the Kosmos………..I haven’t seen the film but I sense its meaning and just an aspect of it:)

  • Jancic

    well said!

  • Christa

    Recognizing our interconnectedness; Respecting All Life and becoming motivated to contribute to the well-being of the Whole, to me, this would be the embodiment and expression of the next stage of evolution for Humankind on Earth. I am profoundly grateful to Mr. Gamble for sharing with us such a clear and well- defined presentation (movie & website). I especially appreciate the “Solutions/What I can Do?” section of the site – truly a gift of empowerment to the people! Thanks to you, Todd for the interview!

  • Cbethge

    it appears documentary is misspelled

  • Mara

    Very intriguing and comprehensive website. Many interesting details- especially relevant is the Fact Check, the Pioneers, and the 12 Sectors. His work is very holistic which is why he brings in so many elements. Many of the people quoted have been known in their field for many years, but not by mainstream. A challenging and optimistic endeavor!

  • mary

    May Todd’s work and Foster’s be a force of hope, not fear. We create our reality by our thoughts. We can co-create a bright future through trust and faith. Acts of loving virtue add energy to the intention. Light the way!

  • SuaveDave

    Re: “Dear God, how can we allow this to continue?”

    So, Sal, Good Buddy… et al I have just ONE little Q. How do y’all plan to vote next year?

    I’ll give you a little hint: In God We Trust, but SHE doesn’t vote.

  • SuaveDave

    Re: “get the grammar right”

    Do you mean, “Get the speeling right”? ;o)

  • SuaveDave

    I tried to visit the THRIVE Movement website (above), but was turned away because I did not have an updated “modern browser”, or one from the “right” people; e.g. Google. I am on a library computer. Perhaps you don’t know that public entities have limited funds these days and sometimes “old” technology.

    Would a store turn away a customer because s/he drove there in a 20-year old car? I think NOT. Your loss, IMO.

  • Thrive Documentary « DATACHURCH

    [...] is a pod cast interview with Foster, covering his relationship to his family’s business, the inheritance that enabled [...]

  • Tea

    There’s potential for abuse whether it’s an individual, society, a company, an industry, or some other group.

    Of course shifts take place individually, and of course we all have personal differences of belief and opinion that must be honored. However, if you carry the “individuals are everything” idea too far, you get not a healthy individualism but Ayn Rand.

    I think there does have to be some provision for group/social things. I’m thinking of a wide array of situations, from Wall Street having just about crashed the economy to the fact that people who have lived with very low incomes all their lives will have only Social Security to depend on when they’re old.

    So I think there needs to be a balance between the individual and the group, at whatever level of enterprise.

  • Gillian Prystupa

    I thought you might like to hear this & learn from it as I’m endeavouring to myself!
    Foster Gamble mentions he’s been involved in martial Arts, mentioning Xander’s Sport.

  • Dan Sauvé

    …it will be controversial…amazingly true and the film covered many facts that have been labelled conspiracies in the past. As for the solutions for reversing the advert effect of the stated theories, they may seem sound to some but impossible for others.

  • Grazyna

    Excellent film! A great interview! Concept of torus was new for me; I was familiar with all other aspects of our reality that are presented in the film. It would be helpful if more information on 9/11 was provided as I believe it’s critical for people to learn the truth and obtain international independent investigation. I found on web few negative reactions, which are mostly related to Illuminati symbolism in the movie: 11-11-11 and all seeing eye on the poster.
    G :-)

  • Remy Chevalier

    Remember Heroes? Save the cheerleader, save the world? Well here we are.

  • Oscarina

    the thing that baffles me is in the beginning he goes into detail about free energy devices. At the end he is advocating renewable’s ? why not push for the free e-devices so we can just get on with it ? with just a little research one quickly finds renewable’s are not only a scam, but very detrimental to the environment.left me hopeful and skeptical.

  • From the trenches

    So we’ve got this model called a “torus” that looks somewhat like an over-inflated bagel. Fair enough, but our particular bagel (in the movie) has a tapeworm… the “dark side.” Can’t help but feel that Gamble’s “tapeworm” plays just as integral a part in the torus model as everything else. Don’t have to like it but there’s that darn old Yin/Yang symbol again.

  • mamval

    This is still linear thinking. In holistic thinking, there is a dynamic balance between individual rights, group rights, and even the rights of animals and nature to co-exist peacefully.

    Balance, Balance, Balance.

    It might be interesting to look into the unprogrammed Quaker process for doing business; The Iroquois council process of governance, and the General Assemblies of the Occupy movement to observe leaderless balance of power. I’m not advocating anything, just putting it out there for study.

  • Shadow

    Not according to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling…

  • Sal

    May you list some of the individual rights that you are concerned about?

  • Bill

    I just cannot say enough about the brilliance of this film and its profound implications for every person on the planet. You must watch this film. Thank God one of the 1%’ers had enough courage and integrity to bring the dark NWO plans into the light through such an enlightening and empowering message of hope.

  • Red

    Isn’t Foster Gamble character the heir to the Proctor&Gamble empire? A member of the “corpratocracy” that has committed its fair share of social and environmental atrocities? I liked the ideas in the movie but, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. What the heck does this guy know about struggling and being oppressed? He’s been a multi millionaire since birth.

  • Tmoltuae

    I just finished watching the movie, and while it’s generally going in the right direction emotionally, there are some gaping holes that should be plugged if we are to succeed at thriving. I wish I had a way of contacting this movement so I could give a bit of insight into my opinions on how the whole Thrive idea could be set up to work. I’m sure my ideas could spark plenty of healthy discussion.

  • Leila Fanner

    Loved the movie. Made me cry with sadness and then relief. Great interview. Can’t wait to hear Kimberley.

  • Poetry-Shiralee Haze

    Hi Judy, all’s I can say is that I’m with you all the way – television and complacency are taking their toll on society. I no longer watch the TV – I disconnected the arial, and so can’t receive transmissions. I still watch docos and movies though, which I borrow from the library. We live in fascinating times. One of the positive aspects of globalization is that East and West have well and truly met. The melding of ancient Eastern philosophies and modern Western scientific thought and technologies are creating new worlds of ideas and awakenings. I recently heard one scientist saying that during the 1930′s the new sciences of physics and chemistry were applied to biology, creating a quantum leap forward in scientific discovery and knowledge – neuroscience is a good example of this. It seems to me that the world itself is in the early throes of a quantum leap forward in consciousness due to the application of ancient philosophies to modern Western scientific thought creating a wholeness that is dynamic and full of potential. The movie “Thrive” encapsulates and portrays this really well, I think. And again, we live in fascinating and exciting times!

  • Tijmen Brozius
  • Juliette Scarfe

    Most of the control is achieved through the suppression of health via medicines that do the opposite of curing illness and disease, and through brain washing all of us to eat toxic foods that further destroy our health and ability to think clearly and question the madness around. Take cannabis for example, cannabis oil has been empirically proven to cure cancer and there has been a cure for cancer since the 1960′s yet, as an industry it is worth so much money, in terms of failed treatments, products and charitable donations in excess of 2 billion.

    There is a commercial asset to protect and so they do not want to find a cure, they will keep us believing there is not one. The man responsible for big Pharma as we know it, only trusted a homeopathic doctor till the day he died, he would not trust what he created! Another example is the money the Gates Foundation is pumping into population control, under the guise of life saving vaccinations for children. Knowledge is power, all we need to do is raise our consciousness and knowledge and the lies will not effect us. It’s time to counteract all this evil with LOVE and kindness.

  • Reginacantoni

    Hi Judy please join our Thirve – worldwide group on FB! You’ll find a group of individuals that want to do things to better this world. Great ideas are surfacing and awesome discussions and information are being shared every day.
    Hope to see you there.
    Regina Cantoni

  • Reginacantoni

    Hi Peter,
    Join the Thrive -worldwide group on FB! Give us your ideas and see what everybody is proposing.
    Regina Cantoni

  • aemit

    Unfortunately what is missing from this “perfect picture” is the concept of God/the Higher Powers. No mention of that whatsoever. That tells us a lot about the makers of this movie.

  • aemit

    Probably doing a favor to their kind.

  • Gwen

    A multi millionaire since birth…
    Yes. Wasn´t Siddharta Gautama a prince? We DON´T have to be poor or being oppressed for understanding feel, love and have a social concience.

  • Outaboutadhd

    Thrilled that there do not appear to be any paid trollers discrediting Thrive in these comments. I have researched free energy since 2005 and was always amazed to see the highly-coordinated effort to discredit and plant seeds of fear uncertainty and doubt in the youtube comments of nearly every free energy demo posted to youtube. Whew! It really looks like things are finally changing.

  • mamval

    It’s there. It’s not overt, but that inner light? That stillness at the center of all? God is there.

  • Frank Pulieri

    They speak of people banging pans to get change, what about mediation and other spiritual techniques for change. In other words where is the high vibration. Banging pans is low vibration. The dark side is about low vibration.

  • Palms

    TV does not make me complacent It makes me aware that News is not offered on telepvision about anything important that could rescue us from the government we have lost control of. The awakening of “Occupy Wall Street. give me new encouragement that the people will awaken in time.

  • Peter Palms

    The absence of news on television is causing outrage with those who know what isn’t being reported, and disinterest and complacency is what society is inflicting upon those who are informed and aware and trying to rescue and recover conttol of the Government of America for Society East and West of The Council On Foreign Relations and their counterparts have indeed greed upon the process for the New World Order without Nations which will reinstate serfdom as the means of managing populations.
    Read “the Course in Miracles 5th edition for 600 pages of details.

    It is exciting and “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration world wide provide hope that American are finally awakening. This is not an accident. The Ruklers are extremely competent and already receive 50% of the total annual income earned by American although they represent only 1% of the population.

  • CambriaSkye

    Foster Gamble is the perfect person to create such a film because he is a member of the elite. He has seen it from the inside and obviously cannot live with it. The film was brilliant.

  • CambriaSkye

    I can’t find your group on Facebook. Can you leave the link here?

  • Cambriaskye

    Have you watched the movie Gerald? It addresses this specifically.

  • Cambriaskye

    Yoga Deb try some deep breathing. You seem a little angry.


    I am very glad that someone with the drive and support is bringing this to the public.

  • from the trenches II

    Okay, I’ve watched “Thrive” twice now and so feel entitled and compelled to offer a second comment. Gamble uses the phrase, “I’ve come to believe” so many times thoughout the film that I have to point something out about the word “belief.” Whenever we say “I believe,” what I hear is, “I’ve created some superfluous circuitry in my brain that I will use to support an image of some cherished notion of mine and now I’m going to forget that I made the whole thing up.”

    We act on the unwarranted assumption that “belief” is somehow a solid cornerstone for action and we would do well to move beyond that error or else we will continue to be saddled with, “I believe God has given me the One Great Truth and your beliefs are such a threat to mine what else can I do but kill you?”

    Gamble mentions the “Illuminati.” The Illuminati? Really? This is (by some calculations) 2011 for crying out loud!

    Elisabet Sahtouris, with her caterpillar/chrysalis/butterfly analogy was arguably the most integral part of the movie, “Thrive.” It was worth sitting through the whole thing twice just to listen to her 15 seconds of clarity.

  • Diana Sunshine Wulf


  • Camwilliams1

    In Salt Lake City we are very connected spiritually and fully inspired to bring the awareness of the movie “Thrive” as a community.
    On December 8, 2011 a Movie Premiere of “Thrive” is being shown at the Historic Murray Theater on State St., SLC
    Join us, showing begins at 7 pm. We would love to have you in our commuinty. Opening Meditation, movement during intermission and organic health bar. Closing discussion. Fun!

    Hosted by:

    Cam Williams
    Marketing for Gurus
    Alex Hoggan
    Water Wellness Center
    Find us on Face book Under Thrive Movie Premiere Must See!

  • Carole (UK)

    Dont forget us in other countries – we too are suffering

  • redrocklass

    Excellent documentary with fascinating scientific evidence as well as intelligent and qualified researchers. The film validates some insights I had, but I never made the connection between the suppression of information being part of a larger plan to take over the planet. I am actively engaged daily with signing petitions against all of the measures I am aware of that are designed to strip away more power from the populace as discussed in the film; gmo’s, chemtrails, HAARP, etc.T

  • Lynn Micallef

    Hiya, just a thought.Why dont you put this all on Care2. ITS GREAT AND THEY HAVE OVER 17MILLION MEMBERS ALREADY ! All wanting the same thing- now thats real energy – from joining forces.

  • Anonymous

    What? What does it tell us? That there are people in this world that see a way to do good and find a better way without a need for the promise of heaven or the punishment of hell? That it’s possible that humanity can seek good for the sake of good, and not because they are threatened by a god who seeks vengeance and retribution and seeks love and adoration through fear?

    The “moral majority”, who is often on the side of the oppressors, uses the ideology of higher morals to control and contain the less-educated masses, who are often not able to conceive of a way of life free of the constraints of a larger control, and who fear the chaos that a free-thinking universe represents.

    I saw great spirituality in the souls of all who participated in the making of this film. The mistake of reliance on a monotheistic deity is that we put the responsibility for our salvation in the hands of “other.” This film is about empowerment. We are all responsible for our own good deeds, and we all have a higher power contained within us.

  • 8ismyname

    What’s “fascinating” is that the movie is not free. What is also fascinating is the symbolism on the front cover of the movie.
    Where’s that free energy?

  • Karen

    So true, Judy and very well put. Good luck to you and us all!!!

  • Karen

    All hats off to Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberly, and to all those who put in such an effort to bring this project forth to the public (as well as a lot of guts considering the dangers of doing so. . .) I just pray this Thrive works and we can all prevail! God Bless you and yours, always.

  • eaglelight

    hi wanted to tell foster i found a ut video about the toroids dolphins playing with them toroid is it electromagnetic field around all objects? i also am fascinated with the mobeius sp? strip it is intriguing and maybe a way to get into another universe??? just speculating

  • Luke Youree

    One correction: No biggie, but, I believe that the Retired Captain Ray Lewis is/was of the Philadelphia police force, not NYPD! The movie.. I will watch it with my Philly gf (when I see her:) then come back to comment on it here!!

  • Bill Douglas

    Everyone should share this film as wide and far as they possibly can! Bill Douglas, founder of World Healing Day (held in hundreds of cities in over 70 nations, the last Saturday of April each year).

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    Understand one thing…THE MAJOR CONTROL is through the monetary system. If that system were to be changed so that the people take care of it, the rest will fall down. Being able to control the issuance of the money and forcing people to use it, is the major PROBLEM. Start getting rid of your FED NOTES and purchase small denomination silver coins and gold coins. Start bartering with them…

    “”The writers of the constitution knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote in Article I Section 10 paragraph 1 ‘No state shall… make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts. ‘ People able to barter with gold and silver coin control government and are free. Loss of the right to trade in gold and silver coin enslaves people to the creators of psychological ‘money.’”:
    -Merrill Jenkins, Sr.,
    Money – The Greatest Hoax on Earth”

  • SavedByYeshua in Minnesota

    Yehovah is not seeking vengeance. The war is over. Yeshua defeated death and Satan. He has redeemed us. It is a free gift. We only need to accept it.

    Btw – hell is not a place of punishment rather it is a place where there is not attribute of God (anything good). It is our choice where we spend eternity.

    Interesting film.

  • Judd Kast

    One World Government, Super Wealthy protectionism, ET – for real and other factual information portrayed. Awareness and enabling others to the facts of what is going on and how it affects all of us are essential to Survival. Believe IT!!

  • Lorri Carr

    {This was posted on another thread, and perhaps it is appropriate to do so here as well. There have been even more developments on the link since then. Go to the website and read for yourself.}

    I skimmed through the movie Thrive, and was struck by some interesting points.

    Yes, the globalists are screwing all of us. We know that. At least, anyone who has paid attention and can think past “Mommy, why can’t I have another cookie?” knows that.

    Yes, they are suppressing forms of energy which threaten their control of money. Not everyone knows that, but I do, having personally witnessed it many times in my life. Do the math, and try not to vomit while you think like the globalists: if it is cheaper to suppress you than it is try to control a potentially un-taxable energy source, then they will suppress you. Also, not all the scientists who have had their patents classified know that if they spend money they don’t have for an attorney to file a claim, they might get some compensation. Or killed, whichever seems easier to the boys in power at the time. So precious few of those whose patents are classified have ever filed anything.

    So Thrive is very seductive for those who already know these things to be fact. Therefore, I listened to see if I could identify an agenda. However, I was stopped cold by one point that I could not get past. Adam Trombly.

    I have observed over the decades that people will throw any amount of money at entertainment, smoke-and-mirrors, someone who talks a good line. But show them something REAL, and they run scared, tail between legs. Thrive interviews Trombly, but not the scientists who actually built the devices that he talks all new-agey about. And while Trombly is talking about “his” generator, he is showing stolen digital photos of a device that he had nothing to do with designing or building, and is not even really a “generator” for electricity (according to the inventor, it was built to test an effect, not to produce energy per se). Want proof? No problem:

    While you are there, take a look around the site and see what folks are doing on their own, without funding, and staying away from all the agencies and controllers. The technology is out there, but real scientists are paranoid after they have been slammed to the ground a few times. The only safe avenue left to them is to offer parts and pieces (of what could be complete new systems) to existing large companies to improve the efficiency of what they are already manufacturing. In other words, sneak it in, in a non-threatening manner.

    Otherwise they risk being 1) viciously slandered by self-proclaimed “experts” at universities who are totally owned by industry, and want to discredit new technologies at all costs if they are too efficient, and/or 2) taken over, as it appears just happened to Defkalion after a successful LENR (“cold fusion”) demonstration.

    I cannot imagine that Gamble was incapable of contacting any of those scientists to interview someone who really knows what they are talking about. So why pick a flake like Trombly? Almost as if they wanted to discredit the actual advanced work being done in hyper-efficient (nothing is “free”) energy, and make it all look like a conspiracy theory.

    Why, when the truth would be more convincing?

    Like my favorite author once pointed out, the best way to lie is to tell the truth unconvincingly. Is that what we are seeing here?

  • Bill

    Thrive movie being released for FREE April 5th, 2012! Spread FAR AND WIDE!

  • Kevin Gaudette

    A key strategy for getting THRIVE out beyond the “preaching to the choir” syndrome, so it can be an Archimedean lever…leading to 100th Monkey dynamic…is…having it used globally by English learners…both in schools and on their own…using MP3 of the sound track specially edited for improving listening comprehension/vocabulary. Using SKYPE, THRIVE community can earn income (for themselves/NGOs) by serving as English Conversation Partners with learners globally, by talking about/role playing THRIVE etc.
    If interested, contact me at

  • Nina

    I watched it for free on youtube and a link is on to watch the entire movie free. If you want a DVD copy then it will cost you.

  • Rui Viegas

    Or… “get the SPELLING right”??? LOLOL ;o)

  • Gerhard Ackermann

    I agree Judy, nice comment

  • Georgia Mc Afee

    please watch the video it shows the relationship between toric energy and mathmatics. I think it may be useful. Hopefully,

  • Jay

    Hi foster… I’m Jason Webb .., I feel we r meant to teach the world how to thrive…. I was born on 11/10…. My wife was born 10/11… We r 10 years an 11 months apart in birth… I have a plan and idea that can help us all progress ..I feel so uncomfortable with the way the world is and I can’t rest until it changes… I am not afraid of speaking out and I believe that it’s time to all come togrthr right now.. I am a dead head that lives in Northern California and I feel we are what the world is waiting and wanting for.. Please respond to me so we can see what we can do togrthr … I’ve been awake since 9/11….I have ALOT to offer and I hope we can talk soon…
    Cheers to a beautiful future,

  • philosophile

    First watch was as good as ‘Zeitgeist’ in its first impact ‘Gobsmacking’
    2nd watch threw up questions
    1 – Why the P&G was not listed as one of the Elite Families named as their products go are one of if not the most polluting of the Planet?
    2 – GMF, Contrails, Wars, Harmful Medicines etc! Where all these Elites live in Elysium and where they get their beef or the steak from?
    3 – Their house looked so riiich!
    4 – If I was so rich and so connected, I would have walked away from it all to live and sleep in an empty grave to inject some credibility
    5 – finally; D. Icke? Yiiyke – the Hard Nail in the Coffin

  • aniela

    the link for the interview is not working, any chance to fix it? Thanks.