Marianne Williamson- Are We PAST The Point of No Return?



Marianne Williamson


One thing I will say about Marianne Williamson: she is FIERCE!

In this Tipping Point interview, Marianne speaks very clearly to the ‘bottom up’ movement that is happening around the globe, a phenomenon she claims is literally changing the world from the inside out.

She speaks to the fact that right now 2 billion people on this planet live on less than $2 a day…and that current human reality sees 17,000 children die of starvation each day.

Marianne’s voice is needed in these times, and listening to her I hear echoes of ‘Mother Earth’ coming through saying ‘stop, look around you, look at the insanity, it is time for change’.

The activists may not love this conversation, but that’s OK.  I think one thing we are uncovering in these Tipping interviews is that there are countless ways to look at this widespread calling for social change happening all around the globe.

To deny the spiritual component, the part that holds the potential for a critical mass of us to wake up and ‘tip this thing’ might mean denying the source code phenomenon that holds the purest potential for the tipping point actually taking hold!

So I ask all those solely committed to activism: what IF the chaos that humanity is ensconced really is just part of the evolution of our species? What can we learn from this?

This does not mean that we should stop activism and action, NOT at all!

But perhaps fostering a healthier relationship between those who focus on the spiritual awakening and those who cater to activism is where the REAL change can happen.  Perhaps this is when the worldwide tipping point REALLY takes place!

Enjoy and share, thanks!

More About Marianne:

She is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers.

Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers. A paragraph from her book ‘A Return to Love’, beginning “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” – often misattributed to Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural address – is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers.


*The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World – media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.







  • david

    can’t get to the end of this one, to say that she’s boring is being too kind.

  • Christine Goyer-Swift

    The truth that all change happens within – before we will see it in the world.

  • holding the space

    Curiously , with kindness, whose boredom is it ??

  • Christine Goyer-Swift

    If you really listen to her, she is saying the way to human evolution and a healthy planet is for a spiritual awakening, and this happens one person at a time.

  • Martysheridan

    First time I ever heard Marianne being described as boring!! She certainly is fierce.. I think she’s wonderful… The true voice of feminism… beautiful

  • Elaine

    Truly, only the boring get bored…

  • david

    Her theory is nice, however, there is no turning the fucking Titanic around when the bulk of the zombies don’t even see the fucking iceberg…we’re headed for a god damn catastrophe, all the rest of this talking is just new age fluff.

  • david

    feminism sucks.

  • david

    so after all is said, now what?

    the agenda is moving forward according to plan, and we are headed for chaos and destruction…problem reaction solution…the same old song.

  • Ijoseph33

    I found this message to be spiritually entertaining and delightful. At least we have someone like Marianne speaking up for the ‘soul of the planet’. Whether you find her message boring or not, the point is are you paying attention to a grander message? Get on board or move your ass the f&^k out the way!!! Otherwise, ask yourself, what the Bleep are you doing to help awaken humanity to its divinty?

  • Mithra

    We have no other choice anyway. The big change has to come or the human race is getting down in great suffering. No matter who feels bored or why others disagree. The planet is going to change now !!

  • Mithra

    This might be because your heart does not experience enough love. Being kind is not boring, but gives hope. Try it too.

  • marykay

    I find Marianne inspiring. If one does not feel the need to change or act on a personal level, then one is not motivated to become a part of the solution. Itis time for people to wake up. I feel that the world needs to refocus, to get away from being guided by profits to being guided by what is best for the human race and our planet. Treating people with love and respect instead of exploitation and realizing that the earth has limited resources should be the guiding principles.

  • Julian Waterslynch


  • holding the space

    Problem , reaction, solution…. problem ” It all seems overwhelming…reaction…” everything is a disaster and nothing will ever change”…solution …” there ain’t nothing I can do about anything so I am going keep on venting about my helplessness and project that onto everything and everyone else”….as within so without..

  • Walt

    It’s been quite a while (over a decade, in fact) since I have heard Marianne speak, and she has lost none of her passion or ability to focus in a laser-like fashion on the most pressing and critical issues. It was just an amazing few minutes to share. Thank you for making it available to us.

  • LD

    This rapid-fire, 30-minute dialogue disclosed many valuable and practical points, truly useful to a worldwide tipping of the beautiful kind.

    I very much appreciated Williamson’s emphasis that playing a part in a positive shift does not mean that a person will undertake a big life change. Some will, most won’t.

    Williamson was forthright in stating the less sexy but truer fact that it is in our own “small personal lives” that the opportunity and critical need for change easily presents itself–change in how we interact with others, in our own character, in our language, around bad habits, etc. etc. This is work on oneself–”internal activism”–not directly on the world or environment, but on oneself. But by doing this work, everyone and everything benefits; we are ultimately not separate from one another, nor from the earth and sky.

    I would also iterate that it is not necessary to choose simply one–either work on oneself or work directly on the world/environment–no, both can be done during any phase of life, simultaneously. There is little if any reason for an either-or; there are many reasons for a both-and.

    Work on oneself doesn’t have to be spiritual work. I’m of the camp that believes spiritual awakening is a matter of readiness and timing; it can’t be forced, demanded, requested, bought, pleaded or begged for. It can however be invited through one’s openness and effort, and it can be “caught” like a contagious, non-pathological “germ” (e.g. spiritual energetic transmissions). That some people do not feel drawn to spirituality is quite acceptable to me. But work on oneself is needed regardless, even if that work is just to accept yourself totally, exactly as you are, “warts and all.” There are very few people who actually do fully accept themselves; it’s probably one of the hardest works of all.

    A second point that Williamson made, however briefly, was about how we each “subconsciously” pick up on others’ “screams.” She referred to someone across the world being tortured and how we all feel it. This is a subject that deserves deeper attention, I believe, and needs to be taken more seriously, even though it’s a difficult subject to address.

    The field of telesomatics (tele=long distance; somatics=body) has something to offer here. Think of stories (or perhaps your own experience) about a mother in California, for instance, who actually experiences/feels extreme pain in her own body right at the time her daughter in New York is involved in an auto accident.

    There is alot of anecdotal evidence of telesomatics, and theories about various factors that may play a role–emotional bonds between people, non-locality of mind and non-separation of mind and body, and energetic sensitivity at the subtle level, among others. While the absolute science may be lacking to explain in definitive terms telesomatic episodes, few people who have experienced it will deny its existence.

    What I’m describing as telesomatics is the best way I can think of to give an example of what Williamson might mean by saying we each pick up on “screams” across the world. I doubt that she means that we simply imagine how torture, for instance, feels to another person, and then call forth the fitting emotion and a compassionate response. While this is not a bad thing–to imagine and call forth compassion–for some people, even not personally knowing the ‘screamer,’ the screams in the world can be both a much more sensorial and much more soulful experience than that, and definitely point to the Oneness of all that is, that truly is.

    The point being here that it is not just looking at the external world and seeing its pain and difficulty and then deciding to be compassionate and do something about it that is driving many of us, activists and spiritualists alike. Rather, it is the felt-sense of the world’s pain, more acute in some than others. To remember this, to stay connected to the awareness of feeling and this awarness of some great Unity yoking us or some great Oneness that we are, is to me a key to the healthier relationships between activists and the spiritually-inclined that Todd spoke of in his written introduction to this interview. It is also one of the keys to “tipping this thing.”

    Finally, how refreshing it was to hear Williamson’s statement that she doesn’t assume she will see all the magnificence of positive world change in her own lifetime–no false hopes or promises being presented here.

    How beautiful to hear her speak of the “soul tingles” of a departed being.

    And in this time when there is vivid media portrayal of death and destruction all around us on a daily basis across the globe, and so much talk in every circle of this planet in crisis and possibly doomed–and yet so little either frank or tender talk of anyone contemplating his or her own mortal demise–how nearly heroic her reference to her own inevitable passing seemed. I’m still in agreement with Mohammed and Castaneda: Death is a good advisor.


  • Liz Griffis

    If you don’t get it, it’s OK, just admit it.

  • Anonymous

    What was discussed feels very accurate to what is known to be True. What is difficult is most people are thinking through an expired framework and that framework can not hold the new energies that are currently upon the planet. In fact the “individual can no longer contain the new energies they are in the all …….all at once and everywhere. These energies can not be contained by or through the old patterns. Peoples fear or their individual needs actually block the new energies from coming in. That is why it is so important to surrender these old outdated ways so new possibilities that are currently unknown to most can comein. Prayer and rememberance of the sacred through all daily activities helps ground that energies. The more that people hang onto the known …….way of being the more suffering comes because the old way has to do with the thought of seperation from the Divine and that is what spawns fear. Seperation makes people focus on the self not on the wholeness of life itself. The more ways the Truth can be said the more possibility it can be lived. Thank everyone that remebers the sacredness of Life and lives it to it’s fullest. I am in agreement that the emphasis needs to be now!!!!!!
    with gratitude and Love Heidi

  • Sal

    LD, your reply to Marianne’s beautiful, loving and desperate plea to the world expresses many of my sentiments and views as well. More and more of us are feeling each other’s pain, no matter how far apart we are physically.

    I hope her message and this discussion reaches many, many ears and eyes. I hope it can move us not just internally but also externally. Much strength and support are needed when both are happening at the same time in an individual’s life.

    Todd, I had no idea that I was going to feel so moved and actually take part in these discussions when I decided to listen to ‘The Tipping Point’. I was just impressed by the diversity of speakers you had lined up and thought that I would just casually listen in.

    Let’s just be brave to express our individual truths and visions regardless whether or not you agree with the speaker (and commentators). It’s a starting point, losing the fear. The heart has no labels identified with it. No color, religion, profession, class, no political affiliation.

    Loving blessings to all of you.

  • david

    thank god you’re getting it, that makes at least one.

  • Dattatray Roy

    I appreciate Williamson’s vision for establishment of the beloved community.

    Humanity will prosper if we become cooperative rather than being competitive. Humanity will prosper if we spare some of our valuable time spiritually for social pioneering. Our present world order is falling apart. A new world order is required with an understanding of Justice and UNITY of all the diversified communities of the world to create better global village.

    Let us be part of the shift.

    Thank you.

  • Dan

    The main message I took away from this is the clear distinction between fear and love, not hate and love.

  • Robert Goldständer

    In Germany we are going to another kind of consciousness too. with real money (gold and silver) we will create “Free Energy Motors” for a better future. I call it “soft revolution”. Yes – thats my goal!!! Forget the old system. Learn more at:

  • david

    Todd, you’re limping along with posting the interviews on the interview schedule: where are the recordings of the David J. Martin and Jean Houston Interviews?

  • david

    Christine, not to be cynical, but do you think you will keep your calm when the proverbial shit will be hitting the fan as the outer world will go into meltdown mode? Saying it and doing it are two different pair of shoes. I’m angry myself at what I see…and as we know, where there’s anger, there’s also fear. Sincerely, David

  • david

    what’s that? :-)

  • Crystalshaman

    It doesn’t have to be that way…
    Just by you knowing that history repeats itself, you are making a difference
    Sing , Sing a song , Make it simple , to last your whole life through….

  • Crystalshaman

    Yuor comment here reminds me of talking to my grandfather in the fall of 1999, I was saying something similar to him about the world going into Chaos when the computers crash, we will have to start tearing down houses for firewood….. and then nothing, not even an inconvenience.
    You are right about fear and anger, it starts with helplessness though.
    Then where you go next, most people go to anger some fear.
    I just read something about Joy being the presence of God, not pushing any religion but Joy as evidence of something bigger/higher than ourselves in a good way. Enjoy- Peace

  • Only The Heart Can See Rightly

    *Dear Todd:
    Thank you so much for the site! I’ve been feeling the power of this tipping point inside for quite some time and it’s wonderful to be able to discuss these ideas with other like-minded individuals. In respectful loving guiding conversation.
    TECH NOTE- I had some sort of noise/feedback/foghorn right between her talking about the first day of the new century …. people on the subway car. I listened on the site’s player and also to the downloaded file. Same problem at the same place. Does your audio team have any ideas? Thank you!

    Thank you so much for the insight! Many of your lessons resonated with me enough that they integrated into my paradigm immediately. Evolutionary eyes. Evo-/Bio-mimicry. And thankfully, Todd has provided a place for us to come back again. So that, when we have found a place in our schema to put it, we can return and integrate more.

    *Amazing Creative Force Within Us and Around Us:
    My gratitude for helping us to bring this awareness to consciousness. My gratitude for having created such a gorgeous world where we all walk a different yet intimately connected path. A world where we are capable of looking past the dichotomy of the Yes-No and see that there is a Yes-Yes just waiting to be dis-covered!

    Namaste y’all!

  • K Farq

    Just a short comment regarding Ms Williamson’s comment regarding the biblical creation account where Adam falls asleep. She is saying that the Course of Miracles states that
    “In the Bible it says that Adam fell asleep and in nowhere does it say that he woke up.”

    Here is the passage from Genesis 1: “But for Adam no suitable helper was found. 21 So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

    23 The man said,

    “This is now bone of my bones
    and flesh of my flesh;
    she shall be called ‘woman,’
    for she was taken out of man.”

    24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

    25 Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. ”

    I ask you: How did Adam say “This is now bone of my bone…etc” if he was asleep? Furthermore, I am unaware of a human feeling shame if they are in a state of sleep.

    This may seem like a detail that has no consequence with everything else that is going on. However, please please please know this: if we all follow EVERYTHING that is spoken or written by these people who seem to have the inside track on universal consciousness, we are no better than a herd of lemmings.

    It is vitally IMPERATIVE that you absorb all of these SEEMINGLY great ideas from all of these SEEMINGLY wise/evolved/pick-an-adjective people as an open-minded skeptic. In other words, “question absolutely everything while at the exact same time remaining open to the possibility of learning”. Only then will you find your truth, only then will you become conscious of who you are and where you are going. Only then will you have the credibility to look around at the rest of us lemmings and effect a change…THE change of shifting the direction away from the approaching cliff.

    Like Ms. Williamsom says “Its got to start personally” and you are the one, the only one, that you should allow to control that.
    “Draw a circle around yourself and make a change there”
    Take a look at “The man/person in the mirror”

  • Crystalshaman

    Great stuff!
    Lemmings Ha Ha!
    I agree- If we all looked in the mirror..
    Problem is the “Vampires” have no reflection…
    Keep on Keeping on…

  • Charmaine Treherne

    When one aligns with the ‘resonant field’ within ourselves, all action is right action! That is the very best choice each one of us could make – to find our own alignment with our inner essence/Spirit/god/Love. That is what the Master meant by ‘One with the Father’. So I agree with Marianne that Internal activism is the FIRST STEP! “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

  • david

    Todd, what’s going on? I should have received the notification for 4 more interviews and 6 more should be available to listen to on your website…I just don’t understand why they are scheduled to a certain date, when they actually don’t reach us…hmm… .

  • Yana

    I agree so much with Marianne.
    The change has to start WITHIN! Only love can heal this world.
    It’s like the ying and yang. There is great hardness and harshness in the world, and the only way to heal that is through loving compassion.
    If you try to change the world through blaming a bad guy, things won’t change.
    I find for myself, the greatest change comes is if I focus on love rather than fear. It is hard though…
    A great leader is somebody that works with their heart, rather than just their brain. Then they will be very powerful.
    God Bless,
    Vancouver, B.C.

  • Yana

    The problem I think is people often are scared to turn inward. They are scared of love I think. I am one of those that is scared of love sometimes…