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Derrick Ashong

Derrick’s interview was an ideal one to lead off the Tipping series….and I think our dialogue together can generate some great discussions!

Perhaps the most interesting moment comes when I ask Derrick to make a distinction between the spiritual/consciousness crowd and the people who are more ‘activist’ oriented.  I asked this question because my sense is that these two groups ultimately strive towards the same goals, but are often at odds.

Derrick immediately chimes in: “I am going to go out on a limb and piss some people off”…and goes on to offer an interesting perspective on what he feels is the most important value we need to incorporate as we ‘tip’ this world into a new way of being.

Definitely listen to this interview and forward this webpage to your friends so they can listen in! These interviews are here to serve, and together we can tip this thing…!

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More About Derrick Ashong

Whether heard in the eloquent expression of his thoughts on then Senator Barack Obama (as seen in one of the most viewed videos of 2008 on YouTube), in his music (as leader of the emerging band Soulfège), in his lyrics (he won Billboard Magazine’s 2007 World Song Writing Competition), the Harvard educated talent has found myriad ways to inspire, engage and activate young people with positive messages for social change.

Described by as “a spirit of promise and hope and harmony” DNA is the television host of “The Stream” on Al Jazeera English.  “The Stream”, premiering in May 2011, is a program that integrates new and traditional media, tapping into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news.

You can learn more about Derrick by visiting his webpage here!


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  • Jodi

    Thank you, that was great.

  • Heidilorenz

    The Self orientation is NOW outdated…….It is in the past and there is nothing about the identification with self that can enter into the NOW for it does not exist. In the new ERA which is CURRENT, has absolutely nothing to do with the self or identification with a limited knowlege of the self. Self interest period is coming out of something that does not exist anymore. I realize that people want to adjust and continue to want to make things about themselves but this will only increase the suffering that is already existing from an incorrect assumption about ourselves as something seperate. This has been and will always be an incorrect assumption about reality. For in the moment of experience which is life itself the “self no longer exists” it is simple the record of a occurrance. There truely is not a right and a wrong it too is bases on an incorrect assumption. In truth everything in life has an essential Truth of being Sacred……..we may have forgotten this essential Truth, but itdoes not mean it doesnot exist within the context of NOW……This also includes the Earth Her self as part of the sacred essence of LIFE. To even continue to speak about seperateness inflicts Pain upon our true nature. I realize that individuals want to keep themself as seperate and feel they are better or right and someone else is wrong, but we can not afford on any level to think like this or continue to verbalize in these concepts for they continue to prevent what is within our very essence to bring healing into our very souls. Love is the essence of crreation and it does not divide only our minds do this……..How is it that we can now be led into the future by our Hearts as explorers of the unknown rather than being constricted by the KNOWn which in it self is dualistic. In Love with the unknown of NOW.

  • Lisa M. Sollenberger

    What an awesome interview! Derrick, you are a powerful advocate for mankind– love your passion, and the UNDENIABLE truth of your message.

    Stay strong,

  • Susanna

    I greatly appreciate the possibility to download these interviews because it seems that I can’t listen to the replays on iPad. Thanks!!!

  • Arieljoy

    Great interview, Derrick and Todd. Thank you. I just want to remind everyone that the third world exists right here in north america on every native american reservation. People in the mountains and in the northern plains are starving and freezing to death in the winter. Water is polluted by power companies who use the people’s resources and then thank the people by charging them userous rates for propane and electricity. Elders and young children go hungry and freeze to death every winter. I feel for third world villages everywhere but PLEASE don’t forget those that are right under our noses.

  • Arieljoy

    Great interview, Derrick and Todd. Thank you. I just want to remind everyone that the third world exists right here in north america on every native american reservation. People in the mountains and in the northern plains are starving and freezing to death in the winter. Water is polluted by power companies who use the people’s resources and then thank the people by charging them userous rates for propane and electricity. Elders and young children go hungry and freeze to death every winter. I feel for third world villages everywhere but PLEASE don’t forget those that are right under our noses.

  • Roda Langrana

    I am humbled to be a part of this “tipping point” too for what other reason is there to author a book titled MasterMind . The word itself is self-explanatory….
    the master of all minds and there is no ambiguity as to his identity. It is amazing I was listening to Derrick Ashong’s interview and just a while before that I was singing the song We shall overcome today to myself and it feels like I was already connected to you guys. You might like to read what I write at /

  • Long1970

    Really enjoyed listening to Derrick’s comments. He has a world-embracing viewpoint and is all about action.

  • Wanderingspirit

    what an empowering young man this is, I really appreciate the way he says it as it is or at least as he sees it.
    Derrick is right I feel: passivity is not the answer, being pro-active will intiate the necessary shifts in the communities and let us remember that changes start with the self.

  • Wanderingspirit

    though it is absolutely true that poverty is among us and that the most vulnerable lack the funds big companies have at their disposal to start major campains to attract attention to their situation, it is nevertheless up to them to take the 1st step toward changes if they feel this is necessary.
    Indians in the Amazon forest have found the way to Facebook and internet to channel their energy toward moving the crowds to support their actions to stop the big companies from destroying their habitat.
    People on the reservations could initiate these same moves if they feel they need support from the community to improve their situation. It would help them and the world around to get out of their reservations and share their stories and we would be grateful to them for spreading awareness.
    We are fortunate to have internet, a powerful means to move masses of people all over the world, to rally them to one cause or another, to collect money or signatures for all types of projects. This is out tool today, together with the shift in consciousness. I say let’s go for it.
    In light and awareness always, Wanderingspirit

  • Dattatray Roy

    Dear Derrick and Dear Todd. Thank you for a very good interview. I am glad that your interview or discussion is helping to build a common goal & common understanding globally. Let the shift take a good direction for humanity and certainly change depends on all of our individual efforts. Wish if we were all united to have unbelievable strength to build a better world for humanity considering “Unity in Diversity”.

  • thisisallthereis

    Derrick uses the word, “belief” frequently. A past mentor of mine used to say, “belief doesn’t create reality. It simply creates circuitry.” It would serve us to look at the distinction between what is true and what we want to “believe” is true.

  • Simplicity

    Thank you, Derrick, for speaking for all those who are suffering and need help, hope and health. Everyone can do something to make a change, even if it is meditation to bring about a vibration of harmony. Never underestimate this power. Once we do step forward to lend our hand or voice, do so purposely and with singular intention.

    “To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything is to succumb to violence. The frenzy of the activist neutralizes his or her work for peace.”…..Thomas Merton.

  • Patrice

    I tried to comment while listening and it interfered with the interview and wouldn’t let me go back to it. I loved the interview for what I heard. I am 65 years old am spiritually oriented and always working on consciousness. At the same time, I agree that action is important. I demonstrated for Civil Rights and against the War in Viet Nam and it all produced results. I love the Occupy movement and will support and encourage as much as I can. I am so proud of the young people who are taking a stand for a new world of peace, harmony and love. Thank you!

  • Ron

    Likewise appreciate being able to listen to a replay of these interviews as their live broadcast times can be awkward for one living in Australia.

  • Indigo11

    As the saying goes, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” This conversation inspired me throughout. I’m 61, have been in service to others my entire career and have been wondering how the younger folks are thinking. I’m grateful to hear such words of wisdom from Derrick. His inclusive messages draw positive energies to his actions. The absolute vibrancy of his beliefs and path provide great encouragement to me to continue forward. We all have power and we all count in creating our shifted world!

  • david

    ps: this is a copy of what I’ve posted on the Ken Wilber interview in response to Todd’s feedback, but since it refers to Derrick’s interview I will post it here too.

    Derrick is saying some interesting things, however, he’s working for main stream media, so what does that tell you? He’s not really in a position to stand up and say how it really is. Plus, the protests that are going on worldwide: all is going according to plan, it’s not that these things are just randomly happening, there is a power structure that has manipulated these reactions to come out. It’s really naive to think that once a Mubarak is gone that the solution will be brought in…again, all is going according to plan: if you want to move towards global governance, you’ll need to eradicate what seemed to be a problem.

    No, my friend, the globalist agenda (but to use their own words we’ll call it the new world order) is moving forward with full steam, and there’s no question that they’re having their way, even now that all these people seen to be thinking that things are changing, and that the world is getting better. It may have the appearance of getting better, but this is actually not what’s happening.

    And so no, I’m really sorry, but I’ll have to call Bull both on Derrick as well as on the thrive movement.

    Kick back and keep watching as things will unfold my friend!

    Cheers, David

  • eva

    Is Derrick Ashong aware that the Egyptians he admires so much for their endless “revolution”–does he know that Coptic Christians are being slaughtered in Egypt now and that the military has taken over?

  • Leah Tunkara

    Aloha From Maui Hawaii !

    That was very good Talk, I agree !

    One Love !

  • Frances

    God is LOVE so there is no need to FEAR God – God has NOTHING to do with fear as love and fear are opposites and it is not possible to be Love & fear at the same time. Fear is the reason why this world is so messed up.
    Only the LOVE of PEACE will bring about peace – not the hatred of war!
    If we can address all our problems through the eyes of LOVE we will be able to solve them LONG TERM but this is only possible if we SHIFT the CONSCIOUSNESS of people as well.
    Have you noticed that so many great people have done so much over such a long period of time to try and help the world but it hasn’t seemed to make a real impact – that is because the mass consciousness hasn’t changed so progress is slow.
    Creating true Peace comes from the INSIDE OUT – BE the change you want to see in the world and as each of us becomes that change the whole world will shift for real!!!
    That is why it is, together with action, so vital to realize that even though there may seem to be no action in e.g. meditation, the proof is that when we send out good vibes it affects the “field” – experiments have been done scientifically that proves this e.g crime rates going down etc.- so we need both the action takers ( physically ) and the ones who “hold” that space energetically to shift the consciousness of humanity for true change to happen!
    In gratitude,

    ” All This and Heaven as well………..”

  • Ravenelvenlady

    Amazing interview! Derrick is the kind of new thinker and activist needed in the world today to steer the change towards something bright and beautiful.

  • notfooled

    More mainstream media, NWO bs. Anyone who denies a new world order is either a NWO spokesman or is a complete idiot. I’ll be glad when Bill Harris’ interview comes along. He is the only realistic head gamer that has made any sense in this down turn of public confidence and down turn of public attitude. I’m 65 years old and have seen a lot of this nonsense come and go multiple times. I hope to hear some realistic information soon on this site.

  • notfooled

    He, Derrick, is a reporter for Al Jazeera. ???? I cannot accept for fact what any of them say. See Bill Harris blog site…Holosync….for someone who gives good advice and doesn’t just spout nonsense.

  • kasha

    enregy in action with the intent to evolve! thanks for shareing

  • Fubar


    The NWO is a scheme that Plutocrats “evolved” to undermine populist independence, the original “spirit of america”. Plutocrats have long promoted State Capitalism (socialism for rich people).

    Corporate corruption is the “enemy” of a democratic republic.

    All is explained in “The Wizard of Oz”: “Man behind the curtain” is the plutocrat class: big banks (once beaten down by Andrew Jackson), big oil, big defense, etc.

    Any sensible critique of postmodernism’s “pathologies” (narcissism/nihilism) has to include some understanding of the previous 1,000 years of feudal/imperial culture that preceded modernism.

    Progressive/leftist/liberal paradigms have long been just as “infected” with dysfunctionalities. See Orwell.

    The “new” new paradigm is integral/holistic, transpartisan, and will rest on spiritual capitalism.


    Ken Wilber:
    …In one sense, of course, science and liberalism are right to be anti-spiritual, because most of what has historically served as spirituality is now prerational, magic or mythic, implicitly ethnocentric, fundamentalist dogma. Liberalism traditionally came into existence to fight the tyranny of prerational myth and that is one of its enduring and noble strengths (the freedom, liberty, and equality of individuals in the face of the often hostile or coercive collective). And this is why liberalism was always allied with science against fundamentalist, mythic, prerational religion (and the conservative politics that hung on to that religion).

    Liberalism can be rightfully distrustful of prerational myth, and yet still open itself to transrational awareness. Its objections to mythic forms do not apply to formless awareness, and thus liberalism and authentic spirituality can walk hand in hand into a greater tomorrow. If this can be demonstrated to them using terms they find acceptable, then we would have, I believe for the first time, the possibility of a postliberal spirituality, which combines the strengths of conservatism and liberalism but moves beyond both in a transrational, transpersonal integration. The trick is to take the best of both, individual rights plus a spiritual orientation, and to do so by finding liberal humanistic values plugged into a transrational, not prerational, Spirit. This spirituality is transliberal, evolutionary and progressive, not preliberal, reactionary and regressive. It is also political, in the very broadest sense, in that its single major motivation, compassion, is pressed into social action. However, a postconservative, postliberal spirituality is not pressed into service as public policy, transrational spirituality preserves the rational separation of church and state, as well as the liberal demand that the state will neither protect nor promote a favorite version of the good life. Those who would transform the world by having all of us embrace their new paradigm, or particular God or Goddess, or their version of Gaia, or their favorite mythology, these are all, by definition, reactionary and regressive in the worst of ways: preliberal, not transliberal, and thus their particular versions of the witch hunt are never far removed from their global agenda.

    Unless spirituality can pass through the gate of science, then of liberalism, it will never be a significant force in the modern world, but will remain merely as the organizing power for the prerational levels of development around the world.

    Material in this column appears in One Taste: The Journals of Ken Wilber, from Shambhala Publications Inc., Boston. © Ken Wilber, 1998.

  • Fubar

    There were few, if any, slaves that were freed because they sat around meditating. Activism, struggle against injustice, is necessary to form a more “democratized” form of spirituality. Traditionally, spirituality was an elite activity, frequently corrupt mystics terrified the peasants in pre-modern societies. postmodern mush will not overturn the plutocratic order.

  • Fubar

    From an integral/holistic perspective, there are two problems in the middle east. Islamic culture is in a state of regression and has been historically weak and corrupt for +/- 500 years. It is however something that can be made into a force of opposition to western imperialism/colonialism, which has a long and ugly history in the middle east as elsewhere. Islam itself was of course one of the world’s biggest slave systems until stopped by the British Royal Navy! Weird, complicated mess. It was in the interests of the British Royal bureaucracy to promote itself as being “more enlightened” (by stopping slavery) so that its colonial policies (resource/wealth extraction) had some “ethical” justification (1800s).

    The underlying question can be simplified down to two basic choices: liberty or imperialism.

    Decentralize, local power and solutions, or centralized, corrupt power. (Habermas: “colonization of lifeworld by systems”)

    The USA promotes liberty in the service of imperialism (state capitalism = socialism for rich people), not something that makes a lot of sense to anyone that reads the founding fathers, radical Whigs, etc.

    I look forward to your feedback.

  • Fubar

    What is needed are transpartisan solutions: liberals and conservatives coming together to rediscover a common good. The topic of Derrick’s interview is the tension between spirituality and activism. What do you think of that topic, outside of your opposition to “NWO”?

  • Fubar

    re: Schadenfreude

    Hey David,

    Don’t overlook the obvious facts. After 500 years of brutal and nasty imperialism and colonialism by europeans, the middle east and africa want to reassert their own culture. Unfortunately, that means that the older struggle within those cultures over patriarchal/autocratic leadership, and tribalism, rears its ugly head. The western, imperialist powers have always used local autocrats and tribalisms (divide and conquer) to manipulate the middle east, to varying levels of success.

    It is somewhat of an “unknown” how much structural capacity those cultures have to “heal” such outside wounds/inner pathologies. It is a fact that unless the west puts aside its own “exploiter” memes, and supports “real democracy” in the middle east where possible, that it will be a lot harder for democratic reformers to prevail.

    To a “real” conservative, this is simple: the west has to *take responsibility* for stopping its own crappy involvement so that healing has some kind of possibility at a local level.

  • Fubar

    What is true is that historical artifacts exist that “prove” that paradigm shifts completely alter what people think is possible (and true).

    For instance, recent brain science is changing “how we think about how we think”. (Mark Turner, _Cognitive Dimensions of Social Science_, etc.)

    Without a paradigm shift, people are “stuck” in circular thinking and can’t “think outside the box”.

    (oversimplified for brevity)

    Scientific rationalism (SR) was once thought to be “impossible” or “evil” by people that said that things don’t change. After a paradigm shift, SR became “real” and caused the biggest change in conditions in the world. The industrial revolution ended slavery, which was “impossible” – according to the custodians of “truth” for 10,000 years prior to that.

    Right now, a shift into and through postmodernism is happening.

    The forms of “new age” spirituality that are under discussion are both problematic and promising. the ones that are “disengaged” from social justice and activism are more likely to be problematic in some ways. they are wasting people’s time in some sense. the ones that are engaged in social justice, but only within the “vision” of the conventional leftist/postmodern movements will also be problematic. they will tend to reinforce the idea that transpartisan solutions aren’t necessary.

  • Fubar

    One of the geniuses of the Integral movement explains leadership:

    | Integral Leadership as Supporting Epistemic Sophistication in
    | Knowledge-Building Communities
    | Tom Murray


    …Leaders advocate particular models of, and ways to think about, the world. They may do this explicitly by articulating a model or implicitly through the unspoken assumptions that underlie their influential behaviors and requests. They also encourage the collaborative creation of new knowledge. In advocating and educating for a particular model leaders scaffold the meaning making of others by providing conceptual frameworks that help others make sense of complex situations. In supporting active knowledge building, leaders allow others to develop models based on the other’s own experiences and insights, thus ensuring that the knowledge generated is imbued with a deep sense of meaning.

    I will argue that while humanity unquestionably needs more adequate models, it is a deeper understanding of models and the modeling mind that is essential to cognitive/ethical/spiritual evolutionary development. In the post-modern (or more accurately the post-post-modern or post-metaphysical) context it is incumbent on leaders to facilitate the learning of not only specific models but of flexible and reflective ways to think about, use and evolve models.

    The physicist-philosopher David Bohm, noting how we seem so adrift in the calamity of humanity’s dangerous and destructive trends, suggests that “underneath it there’s something we don’t understand about how thought works” (Bohm, 1996). Bohm describes several properties of thought which contribute to contemporary problems and suggests that what is needed is a “very deep” and “very subtle” awareness of thought itself. According to Bohm, properties of thought that have become problematic include:

    (1) fragmented forms of thinking that “break things up which are not really separate;”

    (2) the ways that our tacit cognitive biases, filters or maps affect how we perceive and think;

    (3) the relationship between emotions and thoughts; and

    (4) the collective or socially-determined aspects of thought and the power of collective myths, images and desires (“we have to question [whether] our thought is our own individual thought”). (This is my summary and simplification—Bohm does not describe it in terms of exactly four problems.)

    Integrative thinking, adopting multi-perspectives and reflecting critically upon one’s models and assumptions all contribute to more adequate and flexible thinking, but they also challenge us by increasing our exposure to knowledge that is uncertain and indeterminate.

    Fortunately, cognitive psychologists, philosophers and sociologists are discovering new models of knowledge and thought that could prove exceedingly useful in the systematic development of epistemic sophistication. … But keep in mind that the epistemic sophistication that is needed is not about abstract philosophical or scientific theories. It is made up of basic intuitions about knowledge and mind that allow one to reflect upon the limits of and assumptions behind one’s beliefs, sense the emotional and social constituents of thought, open to the perspectives of others and deal creatively with uncertainty, ambiguity and paradox.

    People harbor various types of resistances to opening to other perspectives. Contemporary developments in transpersonal psychology and organizational theory can help individuals and groups reflect upon and integrate debilitating “shadow” patterns and other systemic unconscious or tacit forces (for examples of specific approaches (Kegan & Lahey 2001; Mindell 1995, 2002).

    Once one has “let go” and “let be” in the face of complexity and indeterminacy, one has an expanded capacity to “let come” and engage in the collective knowledge-building efforts. Collectively finding the true, the right and the useful often requires additional skills