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David Martin

The interview with David Martin is a truly unique one on Worldwide Tipping Point.  David and M-CAM (the organization he runs) have planted themselves within the heart of what many feel is the true darkness within our society: the financial arena.

David’s mission is to change the world of monetary exchange from the inside out.  As you listen to this interview, you will get a sense that the manner in which David and M-CAM hold financial transactions is very different from what we usually hear.

How so?  For one they focus their attention on the human implications of value exchange, something our culture has apparently forgotten about if you read the newspaper or watch the news.

If a shift is going to occur within the economic realm, I think the energetic that David and M-CAM bring will play an important role as it is time we truly recognize how far our system of money exchange has evolved away from our most basic human values.

There is a lot I am excited about with this interview, but perhaps the most thrilling piece to David’s work for me personally is a platform M-CAM has built called Global Innovation Commons:

Using The Current System For Radical Global Change

As most people are aware, the global patent system is a platform used to halt the spread of creative ideas much more than it is utilized to spread the benefits of creative, life-supporting innovations.

In fact, over 90% of the patents ever filed are virtually buried and never used, as they serve the primary purpose of protecting existing patents making it extremely hard for new innovations to manifest in the world.  Business as usual, right?

The only problem is that we are living in a world where 2 billion people live on less than $2 a day and 17,000 children die of starvation every 24 hours.  And some of these ideas, these patented concepts that are used to protect the wealth of giant corporations (for the most part), could be utilized to alleviate this massive amount of suffering.

But the innovations are stifled, stuck in the matrix of legality that would make it impossible for some small village in Ghana (as an example) to access, say, a life-supporting water filtration system that some mega corporation ‘has a patent’ on.

Or are they?  David Martin and M-CAM claim this is not the case, and they have built an incredible platform called Global Innovation Commons that unleashes the use of existing intellectual property to a global community.

As it turns out, the global patent system is not as global as you might think.  Each and every patent granted to an individual or a corporation would need to be filed in every country individually in order for it to have a truly exclusive global claim.

And it costs a lot of money to file patents in every country, which is why very few patents are filed this way.  You see where this is going?

David and M-CAM recognized the gap in coverage within our ‘global’ patent system and built a technology called Global Innovations Commons which:

1)   Searches every patent in the world

2)   Figures out which countries the patents have not been filed

3)   Compiles the results in a database for global citizens to access

Do you see how incredible and brilliant this is?  M-CAM has been working with groups from all over the globe who have come on to Global Innovation Commons, found relevant patents that address specific problems, and are implementing culture shifting innovations that are helping people live better lives.

To me, this is a prime example of the Tipping Point in action and the connective power of the Internet in its finest form.  Like a tree breaking through a sidewalk (which we see all the time but rarely recognize how incredibly powerful it is), Global Innovation Commons is changing the world from the bottom up.

Listen to my full interview with David (above) to hear some great examples of how Global Innovation Commons is being used ALL over this planet!


*The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World – media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.

  • david

    Todd, a heartfelt thank you, this interview was awesome!

  • Bruce Tanner

    Thanks, a wonderful addition of subject matter to your discourse on the Tipping Point.

  • Jacqueline Elliott

    Thank you Todd, for introducing David Martin and his incredible work!

  • C1today

    Much too intellectual as a presentation. but useful for people who are educated in these subjects.

    I’d like to see a people’s version, for all humans to understand or ultimately to take up, then use simply and effectively.

    The core change on Earth is about re-discovering pure awareness, without thought spoiling our natural peace of mind. How to access this can be initially taught in literally two minutes. People discover for a few seconds the silent pristine mind they had up to, say, one year old and the start of language. It has always been there but compulsively overlaid with a storm of incessant, involuntary thinking. However, accessing our pure core of Being, a peaceful place one could also label ‘Pure happiness’ (though beyond words to describe) progressively lessens our illusory belief that THINGS and satisfying desires make us happy at the moment of acquisition (also, everyone knows that that doesn’t last, it’s a superficial form of happiness). Pure power for living has always been freely available to all people, regardless of their circumstance. But how to access it has not been known. That’s the same kind of simplicity and power that I’d like to see in this presentation for re-energising a new level of human creativity in the realm of resolving problems and conflicts.

    So happiness coming from ‘things’ is nonsense. Short-lived pleasure follows ‘getting’ something, yes. Long-term peacefulness and pure contentment does not come from those things, nor even from the brain. Inner peace is beyond description but is universally easy to access! When happiness is known to be accessible at will we want less and become increasingly content. We learn after all that it is not NECESSARY to pass through the acquisition of things or events to MAKE us happy. We are already happy if only the brain would shut up and give us the peace the young child has up to 1 year old when no words start muddying up the pure perception it had up to then. Result: a simple, high quality, low impact lifestyle full of joy. Yes! please! Bring it on! (Technique: you can learn it simply from AHAM.com).

    For more info: C1Today@gmail.com

    ‘Greenearth in a Decade’ 2012-2022
    - For a safe green planet,
    - Projects for Earth Education

  • http://www.communitycurrency.org Carol Brouillet

    Great interview! The challenge with interviewing David E. Martin is that he has so much knowledge, insights to share that it is not possible to fit all he has to say within an hour. On the same day that he spoke with Todd, I interviewed him for an upcoming Community Currency Radio Show on “Technological Advances Across Time, The Global Innovations Commons,” and I hope to do another show with him on his first novel, “Coup d’Twelve” which casts some light on the geopolitical turmoil of this past decade, and David’s adventures. I applaud Todd and David for their courage, integrity, and commitment to realign humanity’s path to reflect our deepest shared values.

  • Emi725

    Can people that are unemployed, with NO income, over 50 years old, going to school to survive (living off of student loans) become productive members of this society you’re referring to? How do I get a job that pays an income so I can survive? I don’t qualify for social security, disability or whatever, yet I cannot even land a job at McDonalds.

  • Lucas

    Whoo! Yeah, that was awesome!


  • http://hardcoreherbivore.wordpress.com/ KristaLawhon

    thank you..

  • Duffy727

    I totally agree that the world is at “the logical end of of an illogical system.” This system brings greed and destruction and serves only the agressive and the selfish. A new system would allow everyone to exist on an equal footing and require everyone to contribute to its growth and sustanance.
    I had a vision of seeing a day when every person on earth joined together with every other person to solve a problem. I believe a unified mind would solve all our health issues, and a world working together as one could produce all we needed to sustain a life of accomplishment and joy.
    I thank all of you who are working towards this end and allowing the universe to direct who you are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1157550871 Kerry Schippers

    David Martin’s gift to the world is awesome, he offers doable direction for the many who believe they must have money in order to fulfil a dream. We have the resources, all we need to do is open the doors and windows to alternative opportunities and they will be there. The greatest pain in my life and I imagine the lives of many, is to be treated as a commodity, to only be valued for what I can ‘do’. To be valued for the gift that you are is opening those doors and windows for the gifts that you are to be given and received. Make it personal!

  • david

    Todd, as I’ve said I liked David’s contribution, but I am still very afraid of what’s going on…right now, here in Switzerland all the traditional light bulbs have been changed with fluorescent lighting, now we have over illumination all over the place, I can’t stay in that light, as after two minutes my eyes are sore, after half an hour I have a headache it alters my states physiologically big time, to the worse. Mass light entrainment of the new world order kind. It freaks me out big time, the worst thing about it is that most people don’t notice a thing, though many suffer from it just like I do. What to do? I can’t crawl into a hole and stop living, however, I can’t live with this zombie lighting either. I’m telling you people: we’re headed for a meltdown of the worst kind, and it’s all done by design: centralization of power is all over the place, and the police state is rampant more than ever. I wish I could say something positive here, but a part of me (the freedom lover) is in a rage. So how to remain positive in a world where you’re targeted from every direction? Human cattle getting ready to be taken to the slaughter.

  • Spacedock

    I’m sure they are doing good some where. The problem is that there is so much “Big Money” that must use people to continue to be productive and make their owners money.
    Also that “Money” will continue to control the governments to make sure there will never be an “Intergral Accounting” based society without a “World” government that will control “All” countries and their governments which will control “All” the “Big Money”. And that will “NEVER” happen. There will always be enough greed to keep the utopien concept of Intergral Accounting from becoming a real force in our current society.
    It will work on small scales where there is no real interference in the current globally controled economic society but you and I will never see it.

  • david

    what’s that supposed to mean?

  • Lavendersen

    Insightful, visionary, intelligent, coherent, promising, innovative, exciting.

  • Brianlennon2357

    Emi, it’s increasingly unlikely that people like yourself will get a job. What has a much better chance of success is to find people who are building sustainable systems in energy, food, etc and offer skills, brains and work to help make them come into being. Some of us have been OK in the system, and have resources like property, tools etc, but not the time. Maybe we need some sort of contact and exhange system?

  • esti

    Wow, this interview was amazing! What an inspiring man David is! Thank you Todd!

  • Sal

    Thank you David and Todd.

    David is a visionary and is showing us a different way of prospering, and bringing out the best in us as individuals and also as nations with perhaps the simple but profound underlying truth that knowledge should be freely accessible to all. He also gave a beautiful example of sharing office space with others who needed it to start a project without monetary compensation.

    He is an example of integrity and humanitarianism.

  • david

    why isn’t the recording of this interview up, and why are you behind schedule by 3 interviews?

  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Hi David, MAN I love your enthusiasm! Yeah there have been some scheduling conflicts with some of the speakers…I will edit the page to reflect this. Sorry about that, but some of these ‘luminaries’ get pulled in a million different directions….thats why :)

  • Antonella

    There was the story about the little girl walking on the beach and seeing all the stranded starfish and throwing as many as possible back into the water, but she couldn’t thrown them all back in – there were just too many.
    When asked if she thought she was making a difference, she replied that she was making a difference to those that she threw back in.
    So I think that it is important to have a dream of a loving and supportive world, and to all do what we can individually to make a difference.
    Being a crazy busy single mom bringing up three children with no help, financial and otherwise from anyone, I do what I can to help where it is in front of me right now, and to that person or people or animal or section of the beautiful world we live in it makes a difference.
    We can dream and put out there our dream, and that is the first step towards creating that reality.
    Sceptics are the ones who do nothing themselves to help make things better.
    We should all strive for the betterment of the world we live in, and it will then make a considerable difference.

  • Lexisilberbauer

    Good try, try again!

  • allinthistogether

    Just a couple of “devil’s advocate” knee-jerk reactions I would like to hear David’s response to: So I invent a widgit and everybody gets access to it automatically through your GLOBAL INNOVATION COMMONS? That sounds like communism (So much for “old school” individual incentive).

    Sharing unused office space: What if this start-up company with limited resources, using your space, your phonelines, your computers, your accounting and other expertise, turns out to be a sponge and not a viable business?

  • Francine

    Thank you for this interview! I’ve posted a link to your site and this session on my website.