Kimberly Carter Gamble on Tipping

I am excited to have Kimberly Carter Gamble in the Tipping series.  As co-creator of the documentary THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take, Kimberly has spent the last 7 years tirelessly researching the current state of humanity, the world, and has co-generated one of the most fascinating documentaries you will ever see.

An extremely timely message, THRIVE is an important artifact for our times and I am excited to hear what Kimberly has to say regarding the making of this movie, and what solutions are available so we all can Thrive!

  • Vizenos

    This website looks interesting, but where are your forums? No prior course of study confers expertise on either the Occupy actions or the Global Revolution; the only experts are the people on the streets. And before you can teach, you first must learn, Grasshopper.

  • Visionaryexpression

    As a person whose life has personally been affected by the UFO/ET phenomenon for years, I am thrilled to see this movie come out. I hardly know anyone any more who trusts our government-military-corporate complex to tell us the truth about almost anything – yet so many people still buy into the government-military sponsored denial around UFOs, or, lets just say it – extraterrestrials, their spacecraft and technology. The truth is that UFO secrecy affects all our lives, from oil spills like the Exxon-Valdez and the recent devastating spill in the Gulf, to nuclear disasters like Fukushima. We do not and have not needed such forms of energy for decades because the kind of energy that will be discussed in Thrive tomorrow has been suppressed by the rich and powerful oil cartels who have had the wealth to buy their way into any secrets that might threaten their oil monopoly, and keep all of us paying every way conceivably ever since they made their form of energy the supreme one on this planet. This greed has brought our world to the edge of complete ruin – Thrive will show us there is another path we can take. But it will take guts and tenacity and dedication to make it happen, from all of us.

  • Chris ChrispyT

    Who is Kimberley Carter Gamble and where does she come from? What did she do prior to the 7 years she was researching the state of humanity?

  • Anonymous

    Hi All – I’m new here, I see where there are interviews associated with most of the blog posts, but there is none for this one? I’m conducting research into the Gambles, as while I want to take them at face level, and believe the Thrive Movie and website to be on the up and up, there is just something about it, that rings a cautious note.

  • Anonymous

    How did your research end up? I see this post was from 2 years ago, hopefully you still use this account. I too am a bit sceptic. Especially because neither have Wikipedia pages! That is a rare occurrence, and one that would seem to contradict their world views of honesty, openness, and liberty. I also did some research on P&G, and they are def. still in the 1%. Probably top 5 Families in the US. The part in the video THRIVE when they started attacking all the other elite members of the ruling few in the US (if not world), I knew something was up. They were name dropping hard, which is a sure sign of a ego-motive. Just coruious if you found anything you would like to share with the rest of us, as you are the top column on this article still.