Gary Malkin Talks Healing with Sound to Tip the Planet


Gary Malkin is an award-winning composer/producer and public speaker dedicated to catalyzing social change and individual healing through the creation of inspiring, music-infused resources and events.

His CD series ‘Graceful Passages‘ has helped hundreds of thousands of families deal with the transition that each of us will experience: death.

Gary can add some incredible insights into how sound can heal, and how we can shift the ‘system’ of dying to a more graceful and elegant experience.

More about Gary:

Gary’s passion for the humanizing role that music and the arts can play in society’s institutions – health care, religion, education, philanthropic and corporate cultures – consistently inflames the hearts and minds of his audiences through media projects, keynote presentations, training sessions and performances around the globe.

Gary has enjoyed a highly successful career for nearly 30 years, having received numerous Emmys, ASCAP awards and Clios that have acknowledged his work in film, television, commercials, and CD production.

  • Ted

    I like the concept you’ve put together, but I don’t see Leonard Jacobson on your list of luminaries. I strongly suggest you speak to him at and see if he will join with you. I believe he is on or beyond the level of all your other speakers and he would add a great deal of depth to what and who you are presently offering. I support what you’re doing and your goals.