Craig Hamilton on Evolution, Spirituality, and Tipping


When you think the of the word ‘Evolution’, do you think of humans coming from Apes or do you take into account the entire 14 billion year story of the Universe?

Hmmm…well, I am excited to be talking to Craig Hamilton on WWTP.  He brings a unique lens on the spiritual component of this movement, focusing on the evolutionary impulse that drives our experience of being alive.

About Craig:

Craig Hamilton is a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. In his writings, talks, and teachings, he calls us to awaken beyond the confines of the separate ego and dedicate our lives to the further evolution of consciousness itself.

Craig’s work can be seen more fully on his Integral Enlightenment website.

  • Shelley Souza

    Dear Todd,

    Are you aware of Andrew Cohen’s work? Andrew Cohen is the founder and thought leader of Evolutionary Enlightenment. His work as a teacher of Enlightenment for the 21st century is unparalleled. Andrew Cohen began his teaching career twenty-five years ago, in the tradition of his Master, the late H.W.L. Poonja, a direct disciple of Ramana Marharshi. In his early teaching days, Cohen taught through question and answer and the transmission of Enlightenment to anyone who chose to spend time with him. Soon, however, he realized that the Enlightened Awareness occurring between two or more people who were in this rare field of Consciousness, was more significant than the enlightenment of any one individual. That was the beginning of Andrew Cohen’s vision to give birth and rise to Evolutionary Enlightenment. Proof of his vision that evolutionary enlightenment is the next stage in human development and consciousness revealed itself among a small group of Cohen’s committed students on July 30, 2001. To this day, at EnlightenNext, we celebrate July 30 as a tipping point in the evolution of human consciousness and call it the Birth of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

    The second thing I wanted to comment on is a line in your video, in which you say (something like) “listen to these leaders to receive solutions.” At EnlightenNext, our goal is to co-create the future with other thought leaders who are on the leading edge of humanity. Because it is no longer enough to “receive solutions”: we must create them. It will take the enlightened awareness all each of us to bring forth the next stage in the evolution of the Cosmos.

    Good luck with this project.

    Best wishes,

    Shelley Souza

  • Atlantica

    Craig rocks.

  • Lild

    When is this interview going to happen please? I’ve been waiting for the next interview for ages now.

  • Sal

    Wow! Todd, I can’t thank you enough for inviting to listen to Craig’s free talk that he gave last Saturday and on Monday. I never thought of myself as an evolutionist but now I am wondering if I am. I must be. There has always been this part of me that kept saying, “well if something is not working, then fix it”. Yet there has always been another part of me that has been so resistant to change. Craig explains this resistance very clearly.

    As a young child, I observed the dysfunctional relationships in the lives of adults, from my grandparents, aunts, uncles and my own parents. Again, something inside of me felt this was so wrong, yet growing up into a young adult I somewhat accepted this dysfunction. Part of me however thought that this is so horrific; dysfunctional relationships seem to pass on from generation to generation. How insane is this? Reading the “Power of Now” helped me to understand deeply about relationships.

    And then there is another part of me that cares so deeply about all the pain that people in every part of the world are experiencing. It’s the feeling that I want to be happy but I want everyone else to experience happiness. I want to proper, but I want everyone else to proper as well.

    Craig introduced a new aspect of Self which I never heard before. But in reflecting over experiences in my life, I became aware that this aspect of self must have been active. My excitement and wonderment is to the question: how do I bring this dynamic Self in the driver’s seat?

    Todd, perhaps we can do this, by getting more people to dynamically engage in this evolutionary work, we can tip the world! Wow, this maybe really possible! Going back to another correspondence of yours, I think that people who are involve in non-violent activism must have this evolutionary self driving them to do they work that they do.

    I have to go on Craig’s website to learn more of his work.

    God bless, Sal.