Bill Harris on Centerpointe, Holosync and Tipping

I am really excited to speak with Bill Harris.  I have been using Holosync technology for many years and feel this is a vitally important solution for changing our behaviors that ALL of us can start using.

Bill will frame out how Holosync is an excellent solution for Tipping.

For more information about Holosync, Centerpointe and brainwave technology in general check out Bill’s site:


  • Brian Leclerc

    I don’t understand why this guy has that kind of spot light.

  • Dazamora99

    Thanks Bill for Your inspiration in your work. You have so much knowledge and I have learned a lot from you.

  • dogfang

    I’m glad to see Bill Harris included here. I have used Holosync and found it beneficial in unexpected ways. I’m still using it.

  • Brian Leclerc

    The product Harris sell might be ok, it depends on the experience of each individual but the personage doesn’t resonate on the same level when it comes down to money. The principles he preach or teach suddenly are secondary. He shut down everything around to preserve his gain.

  • Santiagueri

    How do listen to the interview ?

  • dogfang

    I don’t know…they don’t seem to be available yet.

  • Paul Barnes

    Hi Bill
    Thank you so much for your latest email about the tipping point. I confess that I have been lax in not absorbing the original centerpointe free sample CD that you sent me a much as I should have. However this latest message might just be the catalyst I needed…in fact the tipping point. No pun intended.
    I would certainly like to know more about holosync please.

  • Ccurt2728

    I share your opinion. Bill is eloquent and thoughtful, but first of all a money-maker.

  • david

    I recommend you start using holosync on a daily basis right away, it’s an awesome tool.

  • david

    keep going with it.

  • Brian Leclerc

    do you believe that you pay for your belief in this technichnolgy or the believe that technology the cd….water dropping from fast to slow….will change your mindset and who you are…….At the end you will find out eventually that you need to make the work of self-reflecting upon yourself anyway if you want to expand your self awareness. Bill Harris is a marketer using technology to make money that is his purpose..

  • david

    meditation + shadow work is the recipe

    you my friend, have obviously made making money a shadow of yours, or you wouldn’t be so darn pissed off by the fact that harris is so much more successful than you are

  • david

    all you want to know about holosync is here:

    if you want to know what Bill thinks about tipping go to his blog and listen his series of posts called “going to hell in a handbasket, parts 1, 2 and 3″:

    once you’ve taken that in you won’t need to come back here to listen to his interview with Todd

  • Paul Cowburn

    Folks who critique without any experience of a product need a hand to hold in my opinion. I have used holosync for 3 and half years. I gained benefits noticeable after 3 weeks and am now in a much better place looking forward and doing more with my life. Also I believe it saved my relationship. But then I was a ‘searcher’ not just an ‘observer’. My advice to anybody even vaguely interested in brain entrainment…try it for yourself, don’t be taken in by the dream stealers. Shadow busting is the way to go.

  • david

    Holosync is good, the LPIP material is good, even though he’s not the inventor of anything…as for the rest: Bill is totally absorbed by the matrix and about as main stream as it gets, bummer.

  • david

    04.18.2012 It says “CLICK HERE To Listen To Recording” but the recording isn’t there! Todd, what’s up with the Bill Harris interview? Are you going to post that or what?!

  • david

    Todd when the hell are you going to post Bill Harris?!?!

  • julie

    The Centerpointe website seems to be down this morning.