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Tipping Curator Todd Goldfarb

Hello, my name is Todd Goldfarb and I am the publisher and curator of all things Tipping you will find throughout this website. First, I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out our mission, it means the world!

From a young age, I always had the sense something was off in the world in which I was living. Growing up just outside of New York City, I remember watching men and women pile into cars and trains each morning in uncomfortable looking clothes with unhappy faces going to ‘work’, and I could not understand why they were all doing this.

After college, I began my career in the Internet Marketing arena, a profession I perceived as having more freedoms than the ones I witnessed as a child (I could wear more comfortable clothes, which was huge for me). For the most part, my fascination with the ‘workings of the world’ was quelled through the typical pursuits of a young, professional male: money, girls, and materialistic things.

Much of this shifted on September 11, 2001 when I watched the Twin Towers fall from my living room window in downtown Manhattan. Within the next few years, I became a seeker of truths. Questions I had not pondered since my childhood became the main focus of my thoughts; inquiries like: what is my true purpose, what difference can my little life make, and who we are as human beings?

I attended conferences, participated in workshops, read every spiritual book I could find, got certified in various things, became a coach, embraced practices like meditation and visualization. At this time I also started writing a blog called We The Change that served as a public diary to my unfolding journey.

Since 2005 I have been an entrepreneur, a consultant, and have worked on a myriad of projects in the social change space. I have consulted with the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Sounds True, the THRIVE Movie and have even appeared on National TV for some the ventures I helped create.

The Tipping Idea…

SO why did I start Worldwide Tipping Point? I first had the idea about four years ago, and it came to me in a flash of sudden inspiration: to create some sort of quantifiable measure for the global awakening I was feeling so deeply, an awakening I knew millions of people from all over the globe were feeling.

On the spur of the moment I went out and created an odd little website, established an ambiguous ‘Tipping Counter’, and wrote some flimsy language about what I was trying to accomplish. A few hundred people signed on, which was really quite a surprise since I didn’t have a clue what Worldwide Tipping Point was supposed to be….

And here we are, four years later: an odd website called “Worldwide Tipping Point”, a strange looking Counter, some flimsy (albeit better) language, and I am still not quite sure what Worldwide Tipping Point is supposed to be!

Which is exactly how I came to the idea of interviewing people. I decided to stop trying to tell people what Worldwide Tipping Point is, and instead decided to ask people.

I interview all kinds of human beings on this website: anthropologists, scientists, business people, spiritual teachers, financial people, famous people, not-famous people, and anyone who can help make sense of this unique period of time we are living!

And what about the Tipping Counter? In my view, the Counter is an important and relevant symbol for something millions of people from all over the globe feel. As you sign up for the content and interviews (which are free and will remain free in perpetuity), the Counter will tick a notch.

What happens when the Counter reaches 50,000, 100,000, 1,000,000, and more? I honestly do not know, but in my opinion it’s the inquiry that’s most important!

I hope you sign on, listen to all the interviews because they are INCREDIBLE. The talks have changed and evolved my personal perspectives on things and I know they will do the same for you!

Much Love, and to Tipping this thing,

  • Sharyn

    Are you familiar with The Baha’i Faith?

  • Hannah Thomas

    Todd, I LOVE what you are doing! Would you be interested in giving an interview about Tipping for an audio podcast with Heart Rising? (www.HeartRising.com)

  • Dave Busse

    Great concept, Todd. Looking forward to seeing the interviews. Of course, Malcolm Gladwell popularized the Tipping Point concept as the point where enough energy has built up for change that it finally erupts upon the scene. The emergence of “Global Awakening” is forthcoming as millions more are living and expressing the same desire as you for positive purpose in life for all of mankind and for all of the planet. Best wishes

  • James

    Your idea is fantastic and one I myself have felt led to do myself but have not as of yet. One concern I have is that as movements like this grow the ‘contolling powers of the world” will take notice and take whatever steps necessarry to either infiltrate the group to excercise its control or direction or shut it down entirely. I am wondering if redundant methods of staying in conduct should the internet become unavailable should be considered even as you begin this endeavour?

  • Janet Crawford

    Where are the women in this discussion? Only one of the 10 speakers listed on the first page is female. The world so desperately needs the feminine perspective, and to have it so badly absent from this conversation saddens me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Janet, SUCH an awesome point and I am so aware of this. I would love the Tipping series to eventually have MORE women than man…I am working on it as we speak. To me, this is an important part of the tipping point and open to your suggestions who the greatest female thinkers are that can speak to this!!
    Thanks, Todd

  • James

    Everything takes time, and I agree. I am especially looking forward to hearing from women who are not ‘suits’ or business women who have had to take on male attributes to accomlish the fame necessary to be noticed among all these accomplished males who have made it to the top of the list of contributors here.

    Which brings another point to the forefront, I am not so sure the people being focussed on here are the average human , but a collection of the movers and shakers that have always controlled the world anyway.

  • Diana Ariza

    Thank you Todd. I look forward to the interviews. Just thought of sharing this:
    http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com…Very very interesting! :)

  • Sandra

    Hi Todd, Here I am. Thank you!

  • Camille

    Suggestions for great female thinkers: Cynthia Bourgeault, Diane Musho Hamilton, Sally Kempton, Sophia Diaz, Tammy Simon, Pema Chodron, Vandana Shiva, Joanna Macey, Sylvia Boorstein, Jane Goodall, Christina Baldwin, Joan Borysenko, Joan Chittister, Cheri Huber, Sharon Salzberg, Terry Tempest Williams, Mary Ann Brussat, want more?

  • Kaz

    I would love to see both more women and more people from different countries. It seems very American focussed to me. It is a worldwide movement and there are people in every country doing amazing things. As an Australian, we share a similar culture, but I would love to hear about people from the emerging economies – such as India and China and also perspectives from different religious leaders. Just my view!
    Thanks Kaz

  • Kaz

    Also Clarissa Pinkola Estes

  • Carla

    I’m number 2,661. What are you?

  • http://twitter.com/CarlaMariaSmith Carla Smith

    I was #2,661. What are you?

  • eKathy

    So I am online a lot, tonight all night. I have the counter up and have been watching it go up through the evening. Love it.

  • Gita Guy

    Dear Todd,
    You have tapped into something here…keep going.
    Love and blessings,


  • Bill McCart

    Hey Todd,

    Awesome series of talks! I’ll be tuning in to as many as I can. Thanks for doing this for the world – it needs it!

    Much love, brother!

    Bill McCart

  • Janet

    Also Meg Wheatley, Kavita Ramdas, Elisabet Sahtouris

  • Janet

    Anne Leonard (Story of Stuff movement), Naomi Wolf, Allison Armstrong

  • Janet

    Lynne Twist, Isabel Allende

  • Hannah Thomas

    Losing the internet is not such a scary concept if we realize that we have an “innernet” which is what the internet is a reflection of. It is possible for any of us to develop this innernet by spending a little time acquainting ourselves with deeper connection we have within us to all living things. Non-local communication is already practised in circles of people all over the world via meditative techniques. If you’d like practical tips on how to develop this for yourself, feel free to write to me at 1HeartRising@gmail.com. Just put “innernet” in the subject.

  • Hannah Thomas

    Regarding women with voices, here’s one who would love to support what you are creating by bringing your voice her listeners. What do you say to an interview for an audio podcast, Todd? If you can spare an hour of your time to talk about Tipping, please drop me a line at 1HeartRising@gmail.com (you can check out our site at http://www.heartrising.com to find out what we are about).

  • harriet

    Check out Dr Christine Page also. I just love her approach and holistic application.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anja-Krueger/522040851 Anja Krueger

    I agree, there should be more women interviewed for the tipping point site. And yes, definitely Diane Musho Hamilton.

  • Jax

    Yeesh, I thought we were done with this – Identity politics (gender, age, race, orientation, religon, etc..)is an artifact of a useless way of seeing things. Great communicators (because who cares if they can think but can’t share) transcend labels of any kind, and exist as examples of living beyond form without labels. How many people have died trying to put out reactor #4 (which still burns) – How many were men, woman, gay, straight, japanese, korean….does it matter? How many gay people died on Sept 11th? does it matter? They all point to something that binds us together, which exists, but in a trans-formational (beyond form) way. Don’t get me wrong – I’d prefer my daughters avoid men at all costs, and have been on retreats with Pema many times (thank god for her!) – I just think the creme-de-la-creme can’t be identified by the usual markers- Good luck to all

  • Carolw

    Todd – how do I access the interviews? Video? curious… looking, but not finding…. Help!

  • Gina1964

    An interview with Marianne Williamson would be great as well..

  • Barbara

    Thanks Todd for having the passion to do this. The counter is a great idea. So many times I feel like the “negative” are outnumbering the “positive”. It will be great to see the numbers increasing.

    I endorse the inclusion of more female speakers and would also encourage a greater mix of ethnicities for a broader perspective.

    Good luck. I look forward to the series.

  • Peggy

    I am 58 years old, just sold my restaurant of 25 years, in December, which WAS my identity for that portion of my life. 6 months later I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It is now a new journey, and I am a different person. I look forward to this series. I think I have found it because it is what I need for my progress. Thank you !

  • Kathy

    Lynne Mctaggart would be an awesome addition as well. This sounds like a great series overall and I am looking forward to it.

  • Mary Linda

    Todd, like you, this inner knowing has been getting my attention most of my life….and I’m 68 years old….it feels for the first time we’re tipping…I mean the earth is truly being activated through a powerful galactic shift…..this is why WE are here…this is OUR purpose….and this is a nearing of ZERO point revelation….

    I just posted you on my facebook page…and, like you I’ve flushed out every spiritual teacher from Sri Aurobindo to my special Ken Wilber, who I’ve done many Integral seminars with….I’m part of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s ACE shifters and now here I am with you, and what, I hope, to be millions of other like-minded souls ready to co-create, co-participate and co-shift this great planet earth to what our sweet Echart calls The New Earth….

    Mary Linda Landauer

  • Camille

    Yes! How could I have missed adding her to my list.

  • dee black

    This is fantastic, Todd !! Regard women to interview .. Barbara Marx Hubbard and Jean Houston come immediately to mind.

    Thanks for doing this!
    Love, Dee

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1421619810 Ginger Hoffman-Dean

    Glad to be one on the counter!

  • Aura

    I would add Isha Judd, too.

  • http://mastermindbyrodalangrana.com Rodalangrana


  • Yasmin

    Fantastic site,For a while i thought i was alone in my way of thinking!
    Very excited to be a part of this!Looking forward to a ”brave new world”! :-)

  • Bberniebb

    Great concept, Todd. Truly inspired and much needed. No doubt whatever. This will soar to the heavens and back to bring masses of people life-changing directions.

    All the best,

    Bernie Beaumont

  • Teresa

    Sounds wonderful to be connected to share about new perspectives for our lives on this planet and reclaiming our human potential. The enphasis on including women as well as that of not limiting this experience to the experts, important or powerful people as has been the the model of the past, that past that IS already on transformation at an incredible speed, I belive is essential. So this invitation of yours Todd, of course, will face many challenges….it is in itself a challenge ¿isn´t it? to get out of old, declining and pervaisive ways of relating thru power, inequity, irrationality and so on….
    Being from Mexico I also notice that now the people involved here are mainly USrs, another challenge to overcome if the vision has to grow beyond the one that has powerfully represented what has to be changed ….and know that the voices from outside the empire will really need to count !
    I don´t know how, or who or when (as well as Todd) but as the song says, “se hace camino al andar”… the road is open while walking.
    Hope the very best for all this because the time has come for all of us to live this change.

  • YasminSouthAfrica

    Very well said! I am from South Africa.

  • Jenny

    love what your doing, but hey haven’t you limited the counter?

  • Oodles4All

    Great idea, Todd. Now, where are the women in your interviews? I saw lots of men and but one woman. Isn’t it time for equality from all sides of the world view?

  • judy

    has anyone suggested Kelly Powell and Christiane Northrup?

  • http://twitter.com/horsewisevt Teri J. Dluznieski

    very nice idea. And I really like the idea of starting something with NO idea what it is, or where it’s going. It makes me feel way better, for doing something like this myself. it isn’t the destination, it’s the journey- and the discovery:) it isn’t just a job, it’s an adventure! and I can’t believe I just quoted a recruiting poster;)

    I look forward to exploring your site and info, and sharing the ride. I wonder if the tipping point feels like the first hill of a roller coaster;)

    Glad to meet you,


  • http://twitter.com/horsewisevt Teri J. Dluznieski

    I hadn’t thought about it, but yes, I agree- more women’s voices and input are needed. It is the western-centric male perspective that built this paradigm. While awakening the more compassionate male is needed… the women are already intrinsically awake and have inherent understanding of the maternal feminine paradigm that lives in balance and understands the importance of nurturing the environment: physical environment and social environment;)

  • James

    My concern is that from some women we will not be getting the ‘feminine’ understanding because of the pressure put on some of these women to think in the ‘masculine’ to compete using more aggression and thinking more like men than women.
    What exactly is the difference between the thinking of the ‘average’ man or woman based on their physilogical difference as opposed to the difference which society has forced them to take on.
    The same holds true of social pressures to take a certain role of a feminine ‘nature?’
    Short answer I question the pov that successful business type women are going to have the same feminine nature as women who are not successful

  • Juanita

    You might also wish to add Marilyn Mandala Schlitz to your list of potential women world changers that may have something to add to this conversation…smiles. I would imagine…as with most things there is a critical mass that is reached for change to occur, but what number is the critical mass and does it matter as long as it happens?

    From the time I was a small child…I wanted to change the world…big dreams for a scrawny only child living in rural upstate NY…wherever I got that idea…because it surely was not from my parents…its always remained embedded in my consciousness.

    This earth is an incredibly beautiful being and we humans have done a lot to make a mess of it, as well as a mess of our societies and relationships, human created ones. We made many mistakes along the way, but we can learn from them and decide to make a different future, but as the laws of balance apply to most everything, transformation requires some destruction before something new can have room to grow. So we must release our old ways of thinking, being and living and begin to grow something much more balanced, loving, honoring and sustainable, that considers that we as humans, are just a mere speck of what really is, and our actions and existence impacts far beyond what we in our waking reality generally comprehend.

    I commend you on putting this together at a time when everything appears to be falling apart to so many, and making it *free*, I just responded to a person the other day, when they asked for some feedback on their program, that in our society right now, people cannot keep their homes, feed their children, find a job, yet you ask for hundreds of dollars for the *big thing* that will change the lives of many, when it seems that out of desparation, many will take that rent money and buy into your program, hoping to change their lives forever, leaving them homeless, or at least less secure than they were before, how is this kind of taking from the poor, destitute, downtrodden, preying upon their desparation to make your own life more prosperous, really helping to make a change? This kind of thing, that you are doing here, is the next big thing, because it can be accessed free from a public library computer by anyone, the homeless person on the street, to the executive sitting in his or her office suite looking out over the skyline of the city they live in, to the sadly unemployed person like me, that spends every day looking for a job and can’t find one. So thanks for doing this at a time, when not only the US is in such a time of upheaval, but the rest of the world is also in some sort of tumult and transformation.

    Blessings, JJ

  • Maria L


  • Miguel

    Getting closer to 54.

    In 2004 after almost two decades been a happy family doctor got more and more tired and needed a change. Recovered the passion of my youth and became a skiing instructor, leaving medicine behind. Before, I was sharing my passion for health and spiritual knowledge, now I share may passion for fun, nature, sport and spiritual awareness.

    30th December 2010 my aorta split in two and I was very close to leave this body. It was not my time yet, I recovered well after the surgery and I am ready again for my work/fun at the mountain.

    As a doctor before and as a skiing instructor now I know this: Love is pouring all over us, just by closing the black umbrella Love fills us up and it feels really well. To let everyone know is part of my task in life. I am just one more digit in your wonderful counter.



  • Laurenevanow

    I will be sending this link to my daughter. She was just asking what she could do given the state of change the world seems to be in. Thank you for starting the movement

  • Laurenevanow

    how about Barbara Marx Hubbard as a guest speaker?

  • Bret A. Warshawsky

    Dear Todd,

    Thanks for providing the free interviews, I discovered your site through an email from Integral Life. So… synchronicity has been going wild for me lately and when I opened the email and saw Todd Goldfarb, I just had to try and contact you! My best friend since age 7, (36 now), shares the same name.

    I just want to let you know that I’m out in NJ and I’d like to offer you my assistance if there’s any way I can help or become involved in your project here. Ken Wilber has been an inspiration for me since I discovered The Spectrum of Consciousness sitting in my car trunk two years after I purchased it about 15 years ago. Sooner than later, I will be traveling the country a lot and I’m hoping we can meet sometime. I am not a web/blog expert but please let me know or discuss with me sometime if you see any way for me to help you out. You can learn a bit more about me on one of my blog pages here…


    and my current mission here…


    Congrats on your new adventure and feel free to contact me anytime at bretaw@gmail.com or 732-829-2194

    Be Well,

  • Mark Porter

    I would love to see the insights of Michael Bernard Beckwith shared and presented to an audience on a larger scale. He has many profound ideas that are appropriate for the times and changes in which we find ourselves today.

  • Paul Cowburn

    Like you Todd for the greater part of my life since age about 12 (I am 61 now) I have always sensed something was wrong with the way my family, the Companies I have worked in, the clubs I attended, the relationships I fostered, were run. Always felt a bit different…..and still do. I am attracted to Bill Harris and his explanations about awareness and I feel better now I have this thinking in my life. I guess its coming to terms with my place in the journey but I still feel I am alone in this feeling. I cannot explain it to my friends with any useful feedback. So I will be very interested to hear your discussions. I live in the UK and it seems you Americans are way out there in spiritual awareness…feel a bit like a disciple.

  • http://www.loveshift.com John Burch

    I love your concept, and would, “Tip We Must.” The environment is compelling us to change. Let’s keep the momentum moving forward. Good work!

    John Burch

  • Ada

    Hello, I’m writing from Italy. I really do not know why I stepped in here. Just go with the flow and feeling it’s good.
    I love you, thank you. Ada

  • Bret A. Warshawsky

    I’m sure Todd can connect easily, but I would like to help out if possible so let me know Todd and I can connect you with Michael through a friend of mine who you might consider interviewing as well and his name is Len Branson and his documentary is called Superwise ME! and Michael Beckwith did the narration. http://www.superwiseme.com/ I met Len last year and would love to see his terrific film receive even more energy!

    Be Well,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GX7AAENJ7CXYILRONEYMGP7ZOA SoulFire

    My Personal Tipping Point:

    I was an atheist at a very low point in my life. I felt I could do nothing because of an illness I was suffering. So I decided that since there was no God I would love everyone in the world. All I had to do was love them, it cost me nothing and I could do it right from my bed I was periodically trapped in. I had issues with “evil” people. The ones who committed terrible crimes. I finally figured that we all come into this world innocent. Uncorrupted by religion, politics, social restrictions and the challenges that life creates for people. I decided it was that innocence I could love, that tiny piece that was buried deep beneath the pain of this world. In essence I forgave them for all that they were so that I could love them for what they truly were inside. So I went to meditate and said to this world, to the universe that I love it. I love all who are in it. I love the innocent spirit that resides in all people. I wish to give my unconditional love to this world and universe. I believed every word to my core being and then the most unbelievable thing happened to me. I connected with the Spirit, the Creator, the Energy that binds the universe. My spirit left my physical body to become one with the Spirit. I was wrapped in unconditional love, peace, bliss and ecstasy. I felt the knowledge of everything, I felt connected to everything that ever existed, did exist and would exist. I never, ever wanted to leave that feeling of pure bliss. I thought I could never love anything more then my husband, for I did and do love him unconditionally as he does with me, but I was wrong, this was the spirit of all things and through it all was conscious energy, that energy was unconditional love. I felt as if the whole universe was pouring love into me, it was the be all and end all of the universe. I knew I had to return to my body but I didn’t want to go. I was at complete peace and wrapped in perfect love. When I returned, my body shook and was covered in sweat. I cried tears of joy so profound I could not stop. I believe! We are all one with the Great Spirit of Love. We are only separated from it by this physical world we use to create in. I have met many on my journey since that have also connected to this Source energy and I know that anyone can reconnect to this Primal loving energy by giving what we all truly are in spirit, Unconditional Love. I found it through true forgiveness and surrender to unconditional love. But mine is not the only path, I know there are as many paths to this Source, as there are people in this world, so I wish you light on your journey to finding your path, your purpose your unconditional love within. Look within if you wish to explore more.

  • Jeff Burkhart

    Any interest in having a shared time to meditate together? Tuning into and creating a global space of open awareness is likely our best bet for affecting change.

  • LightLady

    That is beautiful.Thank you so much for sharing your love and your Divine experience.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Edwards/1213712683 Kathy Edwards

    Hello Todd ~

    This is such a wonderful idea. I wholeheartedly support it! I did not see a Twitter logo?
    I am just getting into twitter to further a project I am working on, Eco Arts Awards. I love Twitter! There is a huge ecological, environmental community there.
    I will RT you!!

    I was Best School Spirit of my graduating class, and I am not going to say when that was, but let me say, I know a few things about creating and generating energy, and your counter is a good one. It is going on my website: http://www.ecoartswards.com ~ we are encouraging and urging artists to create a world of difference. WE ARE GOING TO DO IT!!

  • Bret A. Warshawsky

    Hi Kathy! WE ARE DEFINITELY DOING IT!!! I’d like to find out more about what you’re up to.. I will go to your site but I was also hoping we could speak sometime. Let me know at bretaw@gmail.com

    Be Well,

  • lorna cababaan


    Hello Todd,
    Peace! first I would like to thank Nick Otner. I found your site. I am Lorna Cababaan from Philippines, the smallest part of the world. I like your project and your mission in life. I would like to recommend one courageous woman in our place Regina L. Lopez: http://WWW.abs-cbnfoundation.com

  • Stardustkw

    What a magnificent journey. Thank you for sharing it here. It is a light for us all on the Path home.

  • Vigsca

    Tree-mendously exciting, profound, touching open-hearted, loving people… Who are we really……. LOVE… Bless you all, each and every one….

  • Freida Mai

    Jean,M Auel of Earths Childrens Series – and Louise.L.Hay

  • Freida Mai

    can I also make a case for uplifting songs and music – much of what we are fed musically is not necessarily bringing us UP – words are so important – what we utter from our mouths is so very important – so the song lyrics we hear and sing along to is critical in how we feel in ourselves
    who is doing tipping point music?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joanna-Jackman/100000831168780 Joanna Jackman

    Patricia Cote Robbles

  • Rebecca

    Dear Tood,

    First, thanks so much for giving your energy to create this wonderfull channel! I also believe it will be very nice to interview these already mentioned women, but I would just highlight that we should be talking about energy and not gender: the fusion od femine and the masculine, in energy forms, is what we should all be looking for. Isn’t the bliss referred to by Soulfire is precisely when we experience both energies? In any case, having interviews of both forms will be more fascinating and, if you can slowly expand their culutral territories, even more sistemic will be this channel! Thanks once more.

  • Jerrynine

    We thank God for Your Spirit SoulFire….. Light On!!!


  • Jerrynine

    Don’t leave out Tami J. Franklin.


  • Jerrynine

    You Rock Teri !


  • Becky

    I’ve been paying attention to the ‘coldness’ of people & the
    negative ways our society has been changing over the years.
    I was impressed with the people in DC & New York telling
    Wall Street & the financial institutions, etc. that their days
    of robbing Americans are over; then I heard one gentleman’s
    solution to our problem – a global government, no country
    boundaries, to be set up & run over the Internet! I’m a Christian
    & all this (the events in the world, etc.) are sounding more
    & more like what’s been predicted in the Bible. Have you checked this out?

  • LuisaFer

    Wow! your story touch my heart. I’m glad that you were able to feel and then believe in all the love that God has for you and all his children. That energy you talk about, for me is that unconditional God that has always been, and always will be there for who ever desires a connection with HIM.
    thank you for sharing such a great story!!!

  • Lamorr

    Michael Franti & Spearhead

  • Justyouimagine

    Dear Todd,
    So pleased to be a Tipper and join with the wonderful people who are showing up here! Thank you, Dear Soul, for this place and space. Thank you …

    Interviewee Suggestions: I would whole-heartedly recommend Will Marre who is a “tipper” extraordinaire and social visionary. His work and words are an ongoing lifeline for me. And a dear spiritual entrepreneur, Lea Houston, who pens a blog called Replenish Your Soul. She has several times confronted death and lives and works from a beautifully open heart, deeply connected to Nature.


  • Justyouimagine

    Thank you for sharing your story. Bright blessings to you!

  • Dale Bent

    As valuable and inspirational as the thoughts of the distinguished leaders you are interviewing are, the “tipping point” occurs when sufficient numbers of ordinary people understand and will take effective actions to move our planet forward. I’m hoping therefore, that you will endeavor to find, generate, and synthesize surveys of world-wide opinion which indicate how public opinions are changing, and how fast.

  • Tammy

    Will you marry me?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bonny-Ashe/100000693617029 Bonny Ashe

    Take a look

  • Erika Renbarger

    One can feel something in the air and it’s change.
    We’ll all just have to watch the opening of great things to come!

  • Mark Porter

    It is so vital and so important that at this crossroad in our timeline we have a forum such as this. We have an environmental disaster at our threshold and our corporate controlled political leaders are either so blatantly evil on one hand, or so dumbed down and manipulated on the other, that nothing within the political strata will accomplish anything of any value in our lives or in our lifetime. The political right takes the evil stance on the side of the petroleum companies and other gross polluters, stating that there is no climate change, there is no problem with the contamination of our food and the toxic poisoning of our populous, and that we should maintain the status quo. On the left we have more corporate manipulated and bought off idiots that are too cowardly to make a stance for anything, idly standing by, sitting on their hands while the country continues to evolve into an international corporate and banking totalitarian system, while the planet is being polluted and ruined to the brink of not being able to support life.
    The only option is a global change of consciousness. Our planet and our population is indeed at a tipping point, and our political and religious leadership will lead us only to oblivion as they have proven with their track record so far. It is therefore up to us to make the change. The responsibility lies within our purview. We must accept the responsibility of making change on our own. Not just a bumper-sticker, or superficial agreement about change, but a true new reality of for our own survival and the survival of the generation that follows. We must conclude that religion identified with spirituality consists of an oxymoron. One cannot find true spirituality in the confines of dogma, and rules for being spiritual. It is time for a new and independent mode of thought for a new spirituality. The old system of politics and religion are obsolete, and in dire need of replacement. Its up to us…. take action and make the change, or fade off into extinction.

  • Bret A. Warshawsky

    Let me know… if Todd is spoken for.. I am single and ready! :)

  • Bret A. Warshawsky

    That’s a super-point Dale.. I am just getting going by contributing in my own unique way to the changes going on and sometimes I feel disappointed and frustrated that only ‘famous’ people are ‘desirable’ and those of us ‘dying’ to contribute and serve, that have a mission, can be overlooked because we don’t yet have a huge audience. So thanks for pointing that out and reminding me that we all have a story to share and contributions to add. Be Well Dale.

  • Rev.Bo’a

    I have had several tipping points in my life, but one of the most profound and more recent ones was learning about a group called the illuminati, reading the work of people like David Icke, seeing films like The Matrix Trilogy and recognising that the world is not what it appears to be. A lot has been going on behind the scenes, hidden from our conscious level of awareness, but as the light of truth penetrates through the veil of separation between consciousness and unconsciousness a melting away into a unified collective is ensuing.

    I believe we are currently experiencing the disintegration of the veil more intensely than has ever been experienced in the entire history of mankind. The ease with which we will individually or collectively move through this transition, will depend on whether we attempt to cling desperately to the old ways, and the crumbling structures that clearly no longer serve our highest good, or whether we surrender and give way to the new, lighter, evolutionary frequencies of truth and love that are inevitable.

    It is my view, that the collective energies of mankind have put out a call to end the suffering that has plagued this planet for eons, and the call has thus been answered. The so-called ‘battle between good and evil’ has reached its critical level ie its make or break point. Thus we are experiencing the tensions within us as individuals, and those tensions are thus being projected outward in our collective every day experiences.

    There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the Truth will prevail, and ‘good’ will be the ‘winner’ in this battle, but that will not be without much kicking, screaming and desperate hanging on, from the other side, bent on clinging to its last old vestiges of imagined control and power.

    As there will no longer be the opportunity to remain sitting on the fence, the tipping point at this critical time for all of humanity collectively, and for each of us individually, myself included, will be determining with utmost clarity of vision, the exact part we intend to play in this global transformation.

    A very simple way of putting it is to ask ourselves the following: ‘What side am I on right now, and is it the right place to be? Who or what am I supporting? Where will I be when it’s over?

    Peace, Love and Light

  • Annickromain

    An interesting and novel approach of the consciousness swelling that is occuring world wide. I join in hope that we can create a force capable of overturning the obsolete values that still drive our societies.
    I am currently working on a confession about overcoming anorexia. I thought the demon was dead, but writing about it makes me feel vulnerable, a bit shaky. Ken Wilber has been a master to me, along with Deepak Chopra, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Azrat Inayat Khan, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, Eckhart Tolle, Margaret Meade and so many other really generous souls that were able to reach out through writing. I pray to be worthy of adding my token too.
    With love in communion

  • Divinegardener

    Dear Teresa, I signed up to this Movement very early on, Many USers Have moved there in a pioneering spirit or to escape from oppression,Their ideas were not accepted in their home lands. I am Proud to be a Canadian But even prouder to stand up for what I think and Feel.You Are here! You Were lead!Yes We are being changed at Warp speed. The Universe loves Speed !So many of us have been called to release our parking Brakes and get on with it. Thriving in the Flow of change because as you say the Time has Come.

  • Mercedes hansen

    hej my name is mercedes and i knew already for 15 years that my dream about the world is tipping was thrue. latter when i was in australien, i meet a boock called “you are becomming a galaxy human being,” the boock was transcendet by medie talling about the world tipping and that there were alot of angels aroud the earth helping the earth through a foton belt while people olthough was changing consciousness. few years latter, i read in an scientisk artikel in a newspaper that “”neils bohr institut”" in denmark could now prouve that the earth is tipping . for me that explained why we have climate problems..and much more

  • SonyaIAMFREE

    Wow SoulFire, I LOVE YOU! Your testimony brought tears to my eyes in that I’m married to a man who feels and believes like you did. He is a very loving and giving person who also stands in judgment of anything religious or spiritual. Reading your post is changing the way I relate to my husband and EVERYONE I encounter…I AM the change I want to see in this world…LOVE EVERYONE UNCONDITIONALLY AS I LOVE MYSELF because LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. Peace and all of the blessings of this universe to you for just BEING!

    Love and light,


  • Ann

    Twenty years ago, when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, his surgeon told me there was something I could do to help him recover. He said I should be practicing visualization and guided imagery to fight the malignant cells in his body. We weren’t sure what we were doing but we decided to give it a try… So every night, after out-patient chemo and after our two young children were asleep, we would lie in bed and practice the techniques the surgeon had taught us… After three months of chemo, the oncologist ran a blood test and gave us the devastating news — the markers showed the cancer was still present. But something made me doubt the test. I believed the cancer was gone! I asked the oncologist if the test could be mistaken and he said that false positives were rare but we could take another CT scan if my husband could keep the barium down. With every ounce of determination he had left, he was able to swallow enough of the thick chalky substance to get the images we needed and the scan showed the cancer was completely gone!! Explore the possibilities…

    Although we are many, we are one.


  • Lisa

    Congrats Todd! You tipped 10,000!!

  • Anne Pelgrims

    My good friend Douglas James Cottrell is someone you should interview.
    Here is his website…
    He has been referred to as ‘Canada’s Edgar Cayce’ and is known for his Deep Trance Meditation and his many other spiritual gifts.


    Douglas James Cottrell
    “The Mansion”
    180 Beach Boulevard
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Telephone: (905) 393-5104

    Email: info@douglasjamescottrell.com

  • http://www.oceanofgratitudecruise.com Karol Avalon

    Hi Todd, Check out Dr. Sue Morter. Bringing together Science, Spirit, and Human Possibility (plus dipping into the Quantum), Dr. Sue is a vanguard in the “human potential/awakening” movement.

  • http://www.wisdomoftheheart.com Joyce Lynn

    I would also strongly consider adding the voices to be interviewed to include those (extra)ordinary souls whose journeys have added amazing light to the world, but aren’t those that have become famous for their contribution.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1121805024 John Cloud

    Such consensus continues to be pursued. The Charter for Compassion seems a genuine partner with this vision.

  • Rgannaway

    I am the founder of the world music group AOMUSIC and AO Foundation International… Our vision is very much aligned with yours… We can contribute inspirational music to the Tipping Point paradigm… You’ll have “free license” to use our music, which is very universal and triumphant, for this brilliant forum if you’d desire it… Our songs have also helped to brand the epic event, Project Peace on Earth and the 2008 Beijing Olympics… We look for powerful ways to give back, and what you’ve created here is quite wonderful… This video link will give you a glimpse of what we can lend to your message…

    Blessings all around,

    Richard Gannaway
    AO Foundation International


  • Granny Carrol

    Is there a way that I might hear the interviews if I can’t at the time they are brodcast. Are they recorded so that we could listen to them at other times?

  • Leonora

    Virginia Fitton with Foundation for Global Community in Palo Alto, CA.

  • Dsymons

    Great Idea Todd…Bless you for being the change you want and inspiring us to move forward and focus on love and abundance in this our world. Someone I would love to hear interviewed is Stuart Wilde – out of Britain – I believe….a very powerful ‘Spiritual Warrior’ with a terrific sense of humour..also Dolores Cannon a powerful hypnotherapist..
    As far as comments that more women need to be involved in the interviews…..we need to stop thinking only of gender and give loving thoughts to all of humanity (we all need it)

  • http://www.encounterszone.org Lydia

    Hi Todd,
    Great way of sharing our ONENESS
    All the way from Kenya.

  • Linda Reneau

    Dear Todd, you’ve really gots some greats here. I signed up because you have Ken Wilber listed along with others I have heard and admired. Do you think Michio Kaku would also give a talk?
    There is another person, Courtney Brown, who has much to say. If you do a search on his name, you’ll get his website. He has two. His second website is farsight.com. He wrote the book Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception. To make a long story short, he says that if by Jan. 2012 it is publicly acknowledged that remote viewing (which is actually a subset of consciousness or the “spiritual”) and extraterrestrial life (even a microbe) are real, humanity will have a much better future than if they are denied. This has to do with timelines…there is more than one. I have been following his work for at least two decades and done his free online course; he was originally trained by the government Stargate program, which was funded for 25 years (before it went totally underground?).

  • Robert

    Whats up with the posted starting times? They are way off.

  • LD

    I just listened to what I assume was the first of the Worldwide Tipping Point dialogues, the October 31 one. Thank you for generously hosting this series; I’m sure many people will benefit.

    As for myself, I felt a little disheartened to hear how this conversation was partially framed right off the bat: declaring a divisiveness or conflict between activism and spirituality. While there may be a bit of truth to it, it’s not a new thought, nor is it true for everyone, nor is it very helpful in unifying people towards some common “worldwide tipping” toward the good. I hope this apparent divisiveness is not going to be the “talking point” during the entire series.

    Some of us have listened to quite a few online dialogues in series such as The Great Integral Awakening, Beyond Awakening, The Future of Love, etc. These were all series grounded in (integral, evolutionary) spirituality/consciousness and they hosted many of the same guests as you plan to have, and addressed, among other things, the “shift,” and tipping point. The point was made in many of these conversations that activism and spirituality sometimes do, but never have to, live in separate camps.

    I don’t recall very many of the spiritual leaders who have been interviewed on these series saying that we don’t need to do anything to effect change in the world; a few perhaps, but not many. In fact, the calling card for some spiritually-devoted people contains the Wilberism “everything’s perfect, now let’s get busy changing it as fast as we can.” In other words, it’s not an either-or, but a both-and. And “changing it” is done in many ways; while it’s not the only kind of change-making I do, I consider myself engaged in changing the world for the better right now, in this email to you.

    To be able to appreciate paradox and hold the tension of apparent opposites–that indeed, everything IS quite perfect AND (not or) we still need to actively engage and be engaged in the world–is a much needed ability for many people, and I hope your series here will encourage and promote that skill.

    It requires a transpersonal eye to be able to actually see that things are indeed perfect, and if one doesn’t possess that transpersonal eye, he or she really has no ground on which to criticize the perspective of those who do. I in fact sometimes feel there is too much emphasis on change-making, and not enough on the “everything’s perfect” half of this. To see that everything is perfect allows for a modicum of detachment that otherwise is not available; detachment allows a chance to step back and consider again one’s intended actions. Even if one cannot see for him/herself the perfection that does exist in and as the world, the universe, these times, etc. etc., one might experiment with holding that thought intellectually and notice, minimally, the greater calm that arises to free one from agitated emotional reactivity.

    Finally, I would hope that you determine an intent for this series beyond just the presentation of this person’s views and that person’s views. Intending a greater unification between the camps of activism and spirituality would not be a bad start, and to pose the question to your guests of how these camps might practically unify would be much more useful in my opinion than stating the obvious–that some activists and some of the spiritually-inclined don’t always appreciate one another’s perspective. Ask the “pure” activists you dialogue with what they can and are willing to do to better understand the spiritual perspective, or the “everything’s perfect” part of a spiritual perspective. Ask the spiritual folks what they can and are willing to do to engage more with the activists.

    In other words, let’s take it to the next level–intend a true wholeness/unity of fragments rather than just giving air time to lots of different parts. That would be a tipping point in itself.

    Thank you for reading this, and again, for this series.

  • yasmin

    Excellent comments! Couldn’t agree more!Lets walk the talk?

  • Jennifer Crews

    Hi Todd, Thanks for all you are creating! I live in LA and for two years I interviewed authors and speakers on a live call in talk radio show – loved it! The show is no longer running but I have saved the site for archived shows – http://www.jennifercrews.com. If you ever need a female counterpart to interview more thought leaders let me know:)!

    Warmly, Jennifer Crews
    Supporting and Inspiring Self Love

  • Carol Saia

    This is all part of the Human Consciousness Evolution, Mayan Calendar etc. It is predicted in Astrology and we are at a similar point in time as we were in 1968. Go to http://www.Aquariumage.com to read about it and http://www.Ecoastrology.com.
    We are coming to the End of the last 5000 year Eon and expanding into the next stage of evolution. for personal astrological info, go to http://www.astrodienst .com
    God/dess Bless us ALL, We are the Ones We have been Waiting For!
    Love and Connection, Carol Saia-Oakland, CA

  • Carol S.

    Dear Janet, Try the web site… Feminine Power, out of LA. It is all about women who are thinking Big too.

  • Oakland Carol

    check out http://www.Dannion Brinkeley.com Saved by the Light book/movie and his Near Death Experience in 1975. IANDs- International Association of Near Death Experiencers web site. We are all Sparks of the Divine Light/Source which we call and define as a god. What an experience you had!

  • Futuregood63

    Todd, why can’t I access the replay of your interview with Derek Ashong? I missed it and I want to hear it. Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    hey, did you go here: http://worldwidetippingpoint.com/2011/11/derrick-ashong-leads-off-tipping-point-series/

    you should be able to play on site and also download the mp3….no one else having problems…please let me know if it works!


  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Thanks Jennifer!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Thanks LD, I love your point (and wish it was posted in the Derrick page!) And you don’t have to be concerned…I do not ask this ‘activist vs spiritual’ question to anyone else…

    I had heard Derrick speak of this previously and it just came up in conversation at the moment. Truthfully, I was surprised by the passion in his answer. It has made me think about what I am doing.

    I am interviewing a bunch of spiritual-minded teachers on here who actually say the exact opposite…that the ‘harder we try to make change, the more futile is becomes’….denying that this dichotomy of views would not serve this community, at least in my opinion.

    And YES, I see Tipping as a BRIDGE between the activist and spiritual communities…but at the end of the day Tipping is but one particular lens, and right now since I am curating the conversations they are heavily impacted by my personal inquiries at the moment. But I assume everyone on here understands that :)

    Thanks LD and have a beautiful night!

  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Robert, how so??

  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Linda, I would LOVE to have Dr. Kaku…can you get me in touch with him :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Hey Granny…yes they are ALL posted on the blog…you can hear the first one here: http://worldwidetippingpoint.com/2011/11/derrick-ashong-leads-off-tipping-point-series/

  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Thank you so much for this Richard…what a generous gift! I would love to explore deeper music exploration into this series! Lets get in touch!

  • Cyndi McKenna

    Todd, Stuart Mooney would be good to include in this, if you need any more people. He is Awakened into non-dual state and God-Realized. Alina Shalev also in the ‘same’ state and is a friend of his.

  • Cyndi McKenna

    Hm, not to put down your list (as I don’t know most of them), but how about female NON-thinkers! Alina Shalev, Pamela Wilson, Kathy Tyler, Jesse Somers, Byron Katie…

  • LD

    Thanks for your thorough and prompt response, Todd.

    I posted these comments right after the interview, and didn’t see a means at the time to do so on the interviewee’s page. I later tried to copy and paste this to Derrick’s interview page, but the comments box there would not expand to include it all. If there is a way you can make it appear there, you certainly have my permission to do so.

    I offer commendations for your covering such a breadth of information in that first interview, in such a short amount of time. As for “bridging,” yes I believe this is important, but even more significant it seems is remembering that what’s on what side of the bridge and what’s on the other is still one whole unified piece of “land.” I don’t doubt that you know this–the “striving towards similar goals” sort of thing you mentioned in your summary comments for the first interview. That to me is what needs emphasized again and again and again.

    You too, have a beautiful day.

  • Shannon Dickey

    I think it would be awesome if there was an igoogle gadget for the counter. That way anyone with igoogle as their home page could see the counter immediately whenever they log on to the internet. Just a thought…

  • Jyl1st

    Hi Todd – just found this web site, have been on your d-list for Integral Life. Tipping Point (in process) has been underway for a while. Coincidentally, this week I picked up a book I have had for a while called “Global Mind Change” by the late Willis Harmon (Ken Wilbur included in book comments), he of the Institute of Noetic Sciences fame. It speaks of this coming Tipping Point as well.

  • C Puntigam

    this is so great, todd! please check out Dr. Ernestina Sabrina Mazza on http://www.akademiebios.at – she brings together science and spirituality perfectly!
    thank you!

  • Paul Barnes

    Hi Annickromain
    I read your comments with great interest. I wonder have you heard of the work of Daisaku Ikeda, He is the leading Sensai of SGIA (Soka Gokkai in Australia). He has created from scratch several Universities, one in California, and has published many works. SGIA is a Buddhist organisation that grew from the works of one Nicherin Daishonin in Japan. Well worth a look, as the teaching has changed my life in very positive ways. May I humbly suggest that you Google him and/or SGI. I promise you will be very interested.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gina.ellinger Gina Ellinger

    Don’t allow physical appearance to distract you from the message. There are plenty of female bodies with masculine spirits & male one’s with feminine energy. People who are spiritually conscious & connected are often quite well balanced anyway, so I tend to feeel them as genderless. It is just a package after all. ;)

  • Bonnie Bidatsch

    Amazing post, Soulfire! I am still trying to learn to love myself. It’s difficult for me because I had no role models for this. (Came from a long line of abuse and alcoholism.) I feel perhaps that my purpose was to stop the legacy of abuse and alcoholism, which I did. Thanks for the inspiration. :o ) I was once touched by unconditional love. What a wondrous day that was. I felt so unworthy I cried for months.

  • Bret

    Of course it will be ‘productive’ to literally include more women, but I do feel that Gina’s point here is very observant, wise and ultimately profound. I hope as someone mentioned in another response that they begin to feel less sad or disappointed that not enough women are presently interviewed, that being said, I have the utmost respect for the inclusion of more women and I truly feel that because so many have responded positively to that sentiment that in no time the scales will be balancing as far as this aspect of things is concerned. Be Well, Bret.

  • Bret

    Do you happen to be a matchmaker Cyndi? :) .. I would appreciate meeting some female NON-thinkers!

  • Pbabcock46

    Hey, Todd, after hearing Ken’s interview, I did the math. 10% of 7 billion people is 7 with eight zeros …. or seven hundred million, I think. So that counter is set up for all those digits and I’m watching the ticker. I hope there’s a way to keep people from trying to “tip” more than once ….. Forward and up!!
    Here’s to the Tipsters,

  • Dr. M.M. Sreenivasan

    Congratulations for the effort made by the organizers to use this project Tipping Point to make aware to the people of the world that the state and condition of the body of mankind is deteriorating fast and until and unless we the builders of the world act fast we will have done a great disservice to our children and unborn generations when they will have to inherit a rotten world. There is a solution! Kindly enter this link and you will find details of a book titked YOU WILL NOT DIE. Kindly proclaim world-wide through a net-working strategy to enable as many readers to inform their contacts about this book on amazon.com.
    : http://www.amazon.com/You-Will-NotDieEducational/dp/1426947763/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1296682046&sr=1-1#_
    Thank you
    DR. M.M. Sreenivasan

  • Suzb808


    You are not alone, there are many others moving in the same direction. There is another site called: http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/, and I think you should invite someone to join you for an interview. I have watched the movie, Zeitgeist, and it is quite eye opening. Something I believe everyone should watch.


  • http://www.facebook.com/toddgoldfarb Todd Goldfarb

    Great point Peggy thanks!

  • Imlight

    Would like to be able to access more of the replays.

  • Miguel

    My pleasure!! Thanks for your blessings, they feel great!!

  • tabitha

    jason mraz is a sweet clear soul with the voice of an angel. the most positive, uplifting songs. he starts my day every morning.

  • tabitha

    i agree lamorr, the franster rules!

    interestingly, before founding spearhead, he was one of the duo ‘disposable heroes of hiphoprisy’. remember the song ‘television, the drug of the nation’? not postitive by any means, but absolutely brilliant and politically spot on. i still love it, but the rest of the album was so negative i found it unlistenable. it put me off the genre for years until i found other hip hop artists creating music and lyrics that sounded less like the pain of a train derailment.

    he was writing music that spoke of his current reality. then, he found a broader perspective and started making joyful music from the heart. and in doing so brought joy to millions of fans.

    the man himself is a testament to the power of transformation.

  • Catherine

    truly awesome, Todd. Listened to all the interviews today. got a few (good) chills and some heart resonance. My passion is HTM passive solar living spaces.

  • http://www.kristenhartnagel.com/ Kristen

    If the Tipping Point doesn’t already have an “anthem” – here’s a song I wrote that seems to be in alignment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5BWQg7zPcE
    We’re Ready
    It’s time and it’s a great time to be alive!

  • Ijoseph33

    Thank you Todd. I, for one, appreciate the role you are playing to help awaken humanity to it’s Divinity. Here is something i would like to add to the conversation: RELIGION V/S SPIRITUALITY

    Religion, in my opinion, is just like high school. Many people attend; some even graduate, a few may fail (or drop out) but not too many go on from there. It’s as if, as a society, we are stuck in the 12th grade level of learning by repeating the same old belief about God and/or the Devil; listening to the same old teachers from the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) “preaching” the same old message from the same old book; just with newer editions and stylish interpreters. Then it’s the graduates (or the undergraduates) who think they know it all; all about life and all about God! They try and teach their children and their children’s children, the same 12th grade level stuff about Heaven, Hell and a fearful God but with little to no substance or value. Thanks Neale for the substance and value of CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD!

    It is spiritual professors like Iyanla Vanzant, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Kim Eng, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Dali Lama, Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Marx Hubbard and others like them who will take humanity into the next stage of ‘religious education’ to recognize another perspective about Life and God. Their goal has been to help humanity finish what humanity started in Religious High School so that most of us can graduate and move into Spirituality College. With Opra Wimphrey as the Evolution of Awareness Adviser, they are the ones who will welcome the new freshman students willing to go beyond their fear of God and enter an era of learning that God is about innovation and inclusion.

    Spiritual teachers like those mentioned above teach: Ours is not a better way; ours is just another way! The students willing to ‘evolve’ from high school level religion to the college level spirituality, begin to comprehend a new way of Being; just like when a high school grad enters a college campus for the first time. These ‘new age’ students realize something wonderful and expansive and say to themselves, Wow! What a whole new perspective!? Preparing for more Value based courses instead of Bible based lessons; their subject of studies would be akin to those taken from the Conversations with God, Book 2, Teaching Children Wisdom – The New Spiritual Politics. They are:

    • Understanding Power, Peaceful Conflict Resolution…
    • Elements of Loving Relationships, Parenthood, Self-creation…
    • Body, Mind and Spirit: How they functions, Engaging Creativity…
    • Celebrating Self and Valuing Others, Joyous Sexual Expression…
    • Fairness and Tolerance, Diversities and Similarities…
    • Ethical economics, Creative Conscious and Mind Power…
    • Awareness and Wakefulness, Honesty and Responsibility

    The students who fail or drop out of the standard teachings of religion would probably enter (or continue their ‘religious interest’ by attending) a biblical organization or vocational institute. Vocational education and training prepare trainees for very specific job roles. The student or trainees develop skills in a particular group of techniques or technology. In this regard, this vocational training concept is also available for non-religious students. Landmark Education is one such training or forum.

    Landmark Education LLC (LE) is a personal training and development company which offers educational programs in approximately 115 locations in more than 20 countries worldwide. Over 1.2 million people have taken Landmark’s programs. Considered controversial at times, Landmark Education was founded in 1991. It is an employee-owned, private company, headquartered in San Francisco, California whose origins were from the purchase of the intellectual property of Werner Erhard, who developed the ‘est’ training.

    The Landmark Forum is specifically designed to bring about positive and permanent shifts in the quality of your life. These shifts are the direct cause for a new and unique kind of freedom and power—the freedom to be absolutely at ease no matter what the circumstance, the power to be in action effectively in those areas that are important to you. In an independent research, Landmark graduates report major positive results in the following areas:

    • The quality of their relationships.
    • The confidence with which they conduct their lives.
    • The level of their personal productivity.
    • The experience of the difference they make.
    • The degree to which they enjoy their lives.

    Participants overwhelmingly report that their participation in The Landmark Forum yields not mere insights or improvements, but provides lasting results that expand and unfold over time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/goldstaender.experiment Robert Goldständer

    Another Country – the same goal! Free Energy is the best way. I call it: “soft revolution” > Learn more at: http://goldstaender.wordpress.com
    (Goldstaender Experiment collects a lot off money for allowing a new technologie and a better system. Only with real money (gold and silver) in this project we are going to a higher form of consciousness) It’s the perpetuum mobile of a new humanity. No one can stop it! Greetings from Germany!

  • Leila Fanner

    Name a time : ) I’ll be there in Spirit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Edwards/1213712683 Kathy Edwards

    Here is a better link, puts the Melbourne Street Artists work in a better context: http://on.fb.me/veDA5m

  • Design at DrMiller.com

    Hi Todd,

    Are you available for an interview? I don’t see a contact form or email but would love to speak with you. What is the best form of contact?



  • Richard

    Todd ,that is great ! We need the feminine energy to be re-established in society everywhere , manifesting as kindness , compassion , gentleness and a real caring attitude for all people , creatures , and the planet herself !

  • Richard

    ps. do you know of Gangaji ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/JoeElkjer Joe Elkjer
  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BJE2NOICHRRNXHGEJQQUFZBNOQ Eni

    Greetings to all.I have just joined Tipping Point….happy to be here.

  • Marilyn

    Yes, and his wife, musician and songwriter Rickie Byers Beckwith. Also, Sharon McErlane, counselor and shaman, author of Our Love Is Our Power; Sonia Choquette, six-sensory spirited being; and of course, pioneers Jean Houston and Rhiane Eisler!

  • Fubar

    You got a rush of the brain chemicals and electrical impulses that are wired into us by evolution for “social bonding”. google “god helmet”. many people that get hit by lightning “see god/jesus”. One theory is that as soon as humans developed linguistic memory, and could remember how to process “symbolic” death, the resulting anxiety made a further evolutionary adaptation necessary: the brain evolved to produce more “bliss” chemicals to rid us of the levels of anxiety that became “maladaptive”. I have been having “trances” and “out of body” experiences since I was a young child, and studied eastern mysticism in an attempt to understand “higher consciousness”. What you experienced is called the Divine Feminine in some traditions: the ultimate nurturing mother. Congratulations on the incredible insights, and thanks.

  • Bret Warshawsky

    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! My going away present is here.. and I will see you all soon! The mysteries of our present Universe Lie Here! 147828599.com

  • Rita Mills

    At the Edgar Cayce Center in Houston Dec 22 on the winter solstice we are a part of a singing bowls ceremony that will be done around the world simultaneously. With people from around the world meditating on peace & harmony the vibrational level of the planet is sure to increase exponentially.

    The program is from Noon to 2pm CST in Houston. Check out the nonprofit for the time in your area.


  • Fubar


  • Fubar

    LD, as you probably know, there are many traditions in which spirituality has “regressed” (to use Gebserian/integral jargon) to Refined Etherealism, which is “disengaged” from battling the injustices and evils in the world.

    A “conservative” description of the problem is illuminating in various ways:

    Etherealism was “rejected” by both classical and contemporary liberals during the rise of modernity. Many of Etherealism’s metaphysics are untenable in that they ultimately support elitism, autocratic social structures (slavery/exploitation), etc. (no liberty, no free markets)

    The challenge now is to create Spiritual Capitalism(s), which are engaged forms of Spirituality that promote democracy and social justice “alternatives” to the current degenerating political/economic order (State Capitalism).

    A presumably necessary condition of all that is to clearly understand how the current order came about, and what its “pathologies” are at the deepest structural and spiritual levels:

    “Free Enterprise: The Antidote to Corporate Plutocracy”:

    Also see:

    I look forward to your feedback.

  • Fubar

    argh. here is the correct link to a “conservative” description of etherealism:


    Among the Bourgeoisophobes
    Apr 15, 2002, Vol. 7, No. 30

    AROUND 1830, a group of French artists and intellectuals looked around and noticed that people who were their spiritual inferiors were running the world. Suddenly a large crowd of merchants, managers, and traders were making lots of money, living in the big houses, and holding the key posts. They had none of the high style of the aristocracy, or even the [***]earthy integrity of the peasants[***]. Instead, they were gross. They were vulgar materialists, shallow conformists, and self-absorbed philistines, who half the time failed even to acknowledge their moral and spiritual inferiority to the artists and intellectuals. What’s more, it was their very mediocrity that accounted for their success. Through some screw-up in the great scheme of the universe, their narrow-minded greed had brought them vast wealth, unstoppable power, and growing social prestige.

    Naturally, the artists and intellectuals were outraged. Hatred of the bourgeoisie became the official emotion of the French intelligentsia. Stendhal said traders and merchants made him want to “weep and vomit at the same time.” Flaubert thought they were “plodding and avaricious.” Hatred of the bourgeoisie, he wrote, “is the beginning of all virtue.” He signed his letters “Bourgeoisophobus” to show how much he despised “stupid grocers and their ilk.”

    Of all the great creeds of the 19th century, pretty much the only one still thriving is this one, bourgeoisophobia. Marxism is dead. Freudianism is dead. Social Darwinism is dead, along with all those theories about racial purity that grew up around it. But the emotions and reactions that Flaubert, Stendhal, and all the others articulated in the 1830s are still with us, bigger than ever.

  • Jakebarnescalvinwiener

    Thanks for your inspiration Todd! I used to be a prostitute, living homeless on the streets of New York. But ever since I began to think positively, and think how I could make a difference, I began volunteering, and gaining friends and connections. Pretty soon I found myself landing my first job. I worked at a Wendy’s. I worked hard through management and saved up to go back to school. I earned a degree in business, and now I have a multimillion dollar corporation all thanks to positivity.

  • Kerri-Ann


    Thanks for all the great interviews thus far. Have you thought about Tom Shadyac? I think he would be great to add to the list.

  • Laura

    Todd… How come we can’t “Click Here to listen” to the interviews passed Marianne Williamson? I’m having to search for the links to find the subsequent interviews. Will that be working soon?

  • Only the Heart Can See Rightly

    Apparently, we wo-men are right here, at our computers, more quietly engaging and gently shifting our personal inner world by guiding the discussion in the outer world.

  • Onlytheheartcanseerightly

    Well said, SoulFire! I LOVE YOU TOO!

    It has been my experience that as more and more of us have honoured and truly experienced our shared inner world, we have realized together that inside of all of us is the pureness, the goodness that was that first ONE, that first Mobius loop, if you will.

    Inside is the loop, the infinite. Outside is the scissors, the divide. And we have realized that in each moment, in the NOW, we choose both inner and outer reality. When they align is the time to cut. You are only meant to be the rock when the inner and outer meet. Otherwise, you are the water, moving along in the river of life. If you’re not sure where you’re supposed to be, align your thoughts and your outlook in love and move slowly, shining your light. The rest of us will find you! Just keep an eye out ;-)

  • Mimi

    Please tell us when we will hear another interview.

  • Fran

    hey where r u man??? what’s happening? no updates or nothing!!!

  • Fubar

    Extremely dysfunctional religion.

  • Kerri


    Here is another great speaker you might want to think about for the Worldwide Tipping Point Charley Johnson from the Pay It Forward movement- here is his recent talk on Tedx -http://youtu.be/TiTvzgqwbH0


  • Anne Pelgrims

    Hi Todd: I joined the world wide tipping point several months ago. I want to share a video with the group…it’s about a book that my friend Douglas James Cottrell has created from Deep Trance Meditations that were held in the last months of 2011. It’s called ‘The New Renaissance – A Prophecy of 2012 and Beyond” Here is the video explaining what the book is about…

  • david

    Seems to me that you haven’t researched some of the people that you’ve interviewed Todd:

    “Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend … One-fourth is resistant to election. They are unattracted by life ever-evolving … Now, as we approach the quantum shift from creature-human to co-creative human the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body … Fortunately you, dearly beloveds, are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.”—Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Book of Co-Creation, (1980 Edition), p. 59

    By the way: you’re behind schedule in posting the interviews, again.

  • david

    “… the end of this phase of evolution shall come. All will know their choice. All will be required to choose … All who choose to be natural Christs will be guided from within as to how we proceed. All who choose not evolve will die off … The kindergarten class of Earth will be over.”—Barbara Marx Hubbard, Happy Birthday Planet Earth! (Santa Fe, Ocean Tree Books, 1986), p. 17

  • Selina

    I just watched the Thrive video and have to say it is the best and most informative film I have ever viewed. I have a college essay to do on an essay by Vandana Shiva on the “Two Myths that Keep the World Poor and how she makes the point that the strength of Europe and North America’s economics is partially based on colonization and or slavery. If this is true, how can these societies compensate for these historical crimes”. I had written the first paragraph. I wrote one hope is that mankind will evolve from the darkness of indifference to the recognition that we all share a common spiritual heritage. It is time in our so called moderen civilization to work towards ending all planetary slavery and in any possible way compensate and acknowledge the slavery of the past.
    I really did not have an idea on how this could be achieved. You can imagine how watching the video mirrored my viewpoint. I have been looking at many of the points presented in the movie, that were already on various other mediums, but seeing them so beautifully presented by Foster Gamble and his wife was a combination of art and truth which delighted my aawareness. Lets all create a spiritual shift that will wake everyone up from a place of hopelessness. Thanks Todd, Warm Wishes Selina

  • Ryetear

    Im not sure that this an appropriate way to reach you, but everytime I hear another of your interviews, get really excited. Everything they all say makes so much sense. Many come so close to laying it all out, provding the context that explains and ties the varied approaches together into the big picture. What’s happening here is so amazing and your finger is on its throbbing pulse. Only, from where I sit, it’s like the blind guys describing the elephant.
    I sent you something by mail and have visions of it sitting in a huge stack with the other zillion letters…Susan Haslam, New Fairfield CT. Its only 2.5 pages. Check it out ok?

  • Randykadeghi

    I feel something big is coming too. I dont know what . I do know that i am both excited and terrified at the same time. And i think it is going to happen this year 2012.

  • Mishelle

    I’m not seeing how this is named a lack of research?!

  • Anne Pelgrims

    I have something to share…a book called ‘The New Renaissance – A Prophecy of 2012 and Beyond. It was written from material gathered between September 2011 and beginning of this year. The material comes from the Akashic Record through Deep Trance Meditation by a man name Douglas James Cottrell. He is one of the sleeping prophets…like Edgar Cayce. Here is Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa2Ugs9O6ko and a link to his fanpage https://www.facebook.com/DouglasJamesCottrellPhD
    You can comment here if you like and I will respond directly.
    Thank you for creating this blog so people of like mind can be heard.

  • Monique47c

    omg just read this and feeling it in my bones .. so happy i found this site .. and thanks to u todd .. its those ordinary people that go trough life observing and knowing the greatness beneath …and sensing that there is more and having the courage to do something about it!!!

  • david

    This guy is a delight: http://vimeo.com/33616174 my personal addition to your lineup Todd.

  • Ellen

    Wow- I forget how I started getting the ‘Tipping’ emails/newsletters, but I saw something that interested me … but kept putting off getting really into this- actually reading the whole articles… I just felt it might be something I should look into. But I never knew what it was all about. Today I finally read the “about” page and find out you, Todd, don’t really know what it’s all about either!! ;-) but I sense it’s something worthwhile and interesting. I’m in a time of big changes in my life, at 66 next month, and ‘retired’ but trying to figure out who I am at this point in my life and what I want to do. I’ve been a lifelong ‘searcher’, a holistic clinical psychologist, Eco-psychologist, and conservationist among other things. I think I’ll stick around..maybe I’m at a personal tipping point….?

  • david

    Todd when the hell are you going to post Bill Harris?!?!

  • John Henry


    I’ve been trying to track you down. Call me or drop me a line: johnhenrydreyfuss@gmail.com or 917 520 4192.

    I’m back in touch with Chris Jarvis and I think we could do something in Northeast Ohio.

    John Henry

  • Betrayal

    Being that honesty, integrity and living a life of value is integral to your beliefs, could you see yourself being friends with a man who lied, cheated and betrayed his wife by having a child with one of her friends? A man who has a baby with his Son’s best friends mother and pretends he did nothing wrong. This same man goes about his life as if having a child with his wives’ former friend is normal. What happens to men like this in the end? Does there tipping point ever come?

  • Andy

    As you describe it the man is happy with his choice, and he has a sense of integrity about this baby and his relationship.
    It makes you angry that it happened. It also makes you angry that he has comfort with it. But no, you don’t have to maintain a relationship with this man. Unless you do. And you don’t have to like the man. And it’s nice to know, and important to know, that even in a flowering age of love, there will still be people you just don’t like.
    You want the man to be punished, and to suffer, you also want this punishment and suffering to happen soon, so you can see it and Know it. As Ann Landers wrote, “Time wounds all heels.”
    Maybe he will never see it as wrong, because to him it was and is joyful and fulfilling, and he will die old and never will be wrong. Or maybe he will look in his son’s eyes one day and have a different understanding.
    The world wide tipping point, I think, is a general uplifting of tens of thousands, and not necessarily applicable to any one of us. The resolution to the story will come about on his timetable, not yours, and on the timetable of his children and his Wife and all the other people, directly or more distantly involved. And it will be for each of them individually, over weeks or decades. For you, there will be people you just don’t like.
    Best regards in the great struggle with which you are engaged.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about tipping points:) Watch Normal Is Over The Movie, full of solutions.www.NormalIsOverTheMovie.com

  • Wolfgang Run

    Why hold the legal jurisdiction accountable and repudiate its abomination. Why? Look it’s wrong to kill, right, we all agree on that but in the legal world it’s okay to legally murder —- they call it war and they declare it legally.

    The tipping point in consciousness flies above legal sorcery that runs the world — most folks are under the spell of the “Legal Name Fraud” the one they carry in their wallet/purse – please if we all want to make a quantum leap beyond the 100th legal monkey Google legal name fraud and spread the truth in consciousness.

  • Rachel Smets

    Hi Todd, I searched everywhere and tried finding a CONTACT email.
    How can I reach you?
    Can’t wait to offer value to you and all your audience!
    I love inspiring, motivating and sharing experiences with others. As a speaker, author and trainer, I would love to help!

    ~Awaken YOUR Confidence~

  • Jess

    I, too, have experienced this, and still do from time to time. It is possible to hold this place of unconditional love, and be one with source, but in a more integrated way. In other words, having the best of both worlds is possible. Much love.

  • Klaus Fahrtmann

    Please take care for the emails sent to